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How COVID-19 has affected my education.

It promotes online classes. Before this pandemic, face-to-face classes were common, so students were able to go back to hometown only during holidays. But thanks to promoting online classes, they can be easy to move. My hometown is far from Asahikawa, so it is good for me.

How COVID-19 has affected my education.

I myself wonder how COVID-19 has affected my education. I don’t know exactly what my education without COVID-19 would be like though. But at least it changed. It changed from offline to online, which is obvious. Although it may seem obvious that there was a change, I highly doubt that this can be called a change in education. Even if it changed, I could learn what I want to. I would say learning is not a matter of situation/surroundings, but one’s will. In a sense, if one’s will to learn doesn’t change, learning doesn’t change either. Thinking this way, I have no idea how COVID-19 has affected my education, by which I mean COVID-19 hasn’t affected my education at all.

COVID-19 has affected my education.

Due to the COVID-19, most of the lectures after I entered the university were changed to online assignment submissions and lectures using zoom, which was very different from the university life I had imagined. However, I am glad that I can proceed with the tasks at my own pace and take a long time to work on what I do not understand. However, the negative effects will still be greater. At the beginning of the lecture, I couldn’t attend the class properly due to machine trouble or unfamiliarity with how to use my computer, and sometimes I felt that it was easier to understand by looking at the real thing, and I still have a deeper relationship with my classmates. It also had an adverse effect even before entering university. Due to various measures taken during the university entrance exam, the number of parts that have changed and the documents that must be brought with me have increased compared to the conventional ones. The number of mock exams that have been held so far has also decreased overwhelmingly. I was worried that people around me are not infected with the COVID-19. I can no longer attend the cram school I was attending for exam preparation. I think that everyone, not just me, was worried because the university entrance exam was taken due to various anxieties.

How COVID-19 has affected your education

I think COVID-19 has affected aspects that how to conduct education.

Due to COVID-19, we have taken online-classes instead of face-to-face class. So, instructor had to switch the methodologies face-to-face class to online-class. Probably, it made them confused because they weren’t be used to using digital devices such as zoom, collavod, and teams. As a result, many students feel uncomfortable to take classes smoothly. In addition, instructor couldn’t use a lot of teaching aids to use at face-to-face classes. They also had to use teaching aids for online-class.

I’ll conclude summarizing my opinion. First, we have taken online-classes instead of face-to-face class due to COVID-19. Second, instructor couldn’t use a lot of teaching aids to use at face-to-face classes. Therefore, I think COVID-19 has affected aspects that how to conduct education.

How COVID-19 has affected my education.

This COVID-19 situation change our study life. Most of learner have to use online device to keep distance from each other person. But I think there are some negative point. The opportunity to exchange each opinion are reduced compared to taking face-to-face class. In addition, when there is something I don’t understand, I cannot ask something to friends or professor easily. I have to solve the problem by myself. Therefore, COVED-19 situation has bad affected on my education.

How COVID-19 has affected your education

I think COVID-19 changes our education into “seeking education”. I mean even now when we live through threat of COVID-19, we continue to seek better online education. Last year, most of my teachers gave us assignment or exam through UNIPA. This year, however, some teachers use COLLAVOD or Google form for the exam, and they seem to make a big effort to prevent students’ injustice. As you know, the reason why teachers introduce new system to their education is growing technology or that many teachers notice the “new” functions of these kinds of LMS.

In addition, I also feel that it is hard get opportunities to communicate with others in online classes, and it is not communication, it is “interaction”. In online classes, it sometimes happens that more than two people say something at the same time, and others can’t catch any voice and they are confused about that. Then, the atmosphere is frozen, and either one yield his/her turn and other one start talking again… the number of saying “I’m sorry, it’s your turn. Please go ahead.” is increasing from when online classes started, and I feel difficulty speaking as usual (before COVID-19). And I’m so afraid of frozen atmosphere that I have to keep talking or care more about who start talking. In short, I have many experiences that I have to be attentive to talking. So, I realized that “real / face-to-face” communication is important for our lives and education.

How COVID-19 has affected my education.

First, COVID-19 has made a significant difference in my future plan. In the fall semester, I was planning to study abroad in The UK. But because of COVID-19, that plan was canceled. Studying abroad was one of the reasons why I decided to come to this University, and I feel I got lost in the fog. Now I think I cannot acquire the skills I expected to do.

Second, COVID-19 force students to take online classes, and I have a difficulty in taking them because of my wi-fi system. I often be ejected and sometimes the voice of teachers are cut, so I cannot hear them well.

These effect has huge impact for me, and I feel very stressful. My education is now far from what I wanted to have. I’m very tired of COVID-19 because my worry about university life knows no limit.

How COVID-19 has affected my education.

 The situation of COVID-19 has affected my education. For example, I have taken online-class via zoom for the first time, and used a lot of apps or website. Although I thought that I cannot receive much information compared to face-to-face class, thanks to the efforts of teachers or professors, I was able to understand the lesson.  Also, I’ve found the strengths of taking online classes. For example, teachers can use power points more than face-to-face class. Therefore, it allows students to visualize the content of the lesson, using pictures, font color, and graph. Moreover, students can easily take photos of slides, and easily review the lesson.

 Through the pandemic of COVID-19, I have learned the importance of online education. In 2021, global and innovation gateway for all plans starts, and the use of online education will increase. Therefore, teachers and students, and even their parents need to understand what online education is. However, COVID-19 had a good effect on experiencing online education. Even after this pandemic will be over, I think we can use technologies more effectively than what we used to be through our experience.

How COVID-19 has affected my education

My education’s prospect has broken by COVID-19. At first, when I was a junior high school student, I hoped to study abroad if I’m a university student. However, it is difficult for students including me to study abroad in current situation. Studying abroad will be a big turning point in our lives. COVID-19 may deprive me of the turning point.

Second, we have to take online classes because of COVID-19. Because of that, we can’t learn sufficiently. I think face-to-face class is better than online one. This is because the professor prepare classes for a long time with the intention of taking face-to-face class. If I entered in this university in 2016, I would be able to do better learning.

What I want to say is not because of this university, because of COVID-19. I’m so tired of COVID-19.

How COVID-19 has affected my education

COVID-19 has had some bad effects on my education.

First, we have to take many online classes. There were many educational processes that we had to give up. I have thought that “If I took face-to-face classes, as usual, I could study more deeply” many times.

Second, I had to cancel my studying abroad plan this fall semester. I was very shocked because the big reason why I chose this university was to join the GEL and apply to the student exchange program. I was convinced that it will improve my English skills, so losing this opportunity was a big damage for me.

There are many things I used to think it was natural before the spread of infection of COVID-19. This situation makes me feel I should be grateful for them. I hope we can return to normal life.

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