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COVID-19 has affected my education.

Due to the COVID-19, most of the lectures after I entered the university were changed to online assignment submissions and lectures using zoom, which was very different from the university life I had imagined. However, I am glad that I can proceed with the tasks at my own pace and take a long time to work on what I do not understand. However, the negative effects will still be greater. At the beginning of the lecture, I couldn’t attend the class properly due to machine trouble or unfamiliarity with how to use my computer, and sometimes I felt that it was easier to understand by looking at the real thing, and I still have a deeper relationship with my classmates. It also had an adverse effect even before entering university. Due to various measures taken during the university entrance exam, the number of parts that have changed and the documents that must be brought with me have increased compared to the conventional ones. The number of mock exams that have been held so far has also decreased overwhelmingly. I was worried that people around me are not infected with the COVID-19. I can no longer attend the cram school I was attending for exam preparation. I think that everyone, not just me, was worried because the university entrance exam was taken due to various anxieties.


  1. I think it’s great to identify both the good and bad aspects. It’s interesting to point out how this affected your cram school situation during high school.

  2. When I wrote a post, I identified just the bad aspects. You wrote also good aspects of this situation. It’s good and I agreed with your idea which we can study at our own pace.

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