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About GEL program

Published on February 9th, 2016 | by Yusuke

I learned many academic things and experienced a variety of things from GEL program. For example, I learned how to give a presentation in English and I took a course on English Mediated Instruction. It’s a class to learn how to teach people some non English things using English.

I had 2 part-time jobs. Once I worked for a bar but it was very hard for me because I had to memorize the names of  drinks and I worked until 4 AM! I was nervous when I worked there. After leaving that job, I started to work at a supermarket as a stock person. It’s an very easy job and it closes at 10 PM so I don’t have to work late at night. Especially, my colleagues are very nice. I’m satisfied with my job now.

I could make many friends from GEL program. This program gives me many opportunity to contact with foreign people. I have many nice friends in other countries now. This February (2016), I will take a trip to Taipei to visit one of them. I’m so excited to meet them again.

If you are interested in this program, please join it. Through this program, you will get many fantastic experience you can’t never forget.

About Business communication&IT class

Published on February 9th, 2016 | by Rihoko

In this class, I wrote about things like the places to eat near the college, my life in HUEA, and my major. It was a very good experience for me to improve my writing skills. Also, I got a chance to learn more about HUEA as I researched it to write entries for the blog.

I think that the explanation about Internet systems could have skipped, because I can’t understand well about it. If we learned it in depth, then it would make sense, but if it’s just a little bit, I don’t understand it. So, I think that the part could have skipped.

I wrote about HISOKA, a bar near the HUEA. It was interesting, because I am working there and I know about it well. From the experiences, I thought that it was important to know about what I would like to express to explain it in English well.

I would like to read posts about cultures and life in foreign countries, because I am interested in it.

Miki’s thought improving business communication & IT

Published on February 9th, 2016 | by Miki

I took business communication & IT class in second semester. Let me tell you several things about the class.

① In this class, I learned the skill of observing things objectively. Generally, people tend to see things in a prejudiced way. However,  I needed to take things I researched and describe them to others. While searching, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know.

②I skipped a topic about restaurants in Asahikawa. I was in charge of seikyou cafeteria because I didn’t know very much about bars or places to eat here in Asahikawa. So actually I didn’t really want to write about it.

③The most interesting topic I wrote was about GEL class. I like GEL classes because I can refine my English skills with joy. However, I have to use English as much as possible.

④I want to read posts about what students like because if I know more about other sudents I can get better relationship with them.

Actually, this class gave us lots of homework so it was a little bit hard, but I enjoyed a lot. So I suggest that you should take this class and improve your writing skills!



Ayuna’s thoughts on business communication & IT

Published on February 9th, 2016 | by Ayuna

①What skills did you learn?

I think that my writing skills improved by taking this class. I actually didn’t like to write essays or opinions in English, but by writing this blog, I could write my opinion in English.

②What parts could we have skipped?

I have written a blog before, so I didn’t need an explanation about blogs and how they work.

③What posts were most interesting to write?

Writing about my part-time job was most interesting for me. I wanted to tell the readers the importance of working, so that post was interesting. And it was very interesting to know how other members of GEL think about part-time job.

④What sort of posts would you want to read?

I want to read about America.



Mana’s thought on improving business communication & IT

Published on February 9th, 2016 | by Mana

What skills did I learn?

I learned Listening ,Speaking and Writing English skills.

What posts were most interesting to write?

It was interesting for me to write about Japanese culture, because what seems normal for me as Japanese  is very strange and special for foreigners.

So I want to know about Japanese culture.

What sort of posts would you want to read?

I want to read about club activity and circles activity.


It was very interesting class for me!!

Especially, I could get English writing skill.

So I enjoy writing English!

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