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About Business communication&IT class

In this class, I wrote about things like the places to eat near the college, my life in HUEA, and my major. It was a very good experience for me to improve my writing skills. Also, I got a chance to learn more about HUEA as I researched it to write entries for the blog.

I think that the explanation about Internet systems could have skipped, because I can’t understand well about it. If we learned it in depth, then it would make sense, but if it’s just a little bit, I don’t understand it. So, I think that the part could have skipped.

I wrote about HISOKA, a bar near the HUEA. It was interesting, because I am working there and I know about it well. From the experiences, I thought that it was important to know about what I would like to express to explain it in English well.

I would like to read posts about cultures and life in foreign countries, because I am interested in it.

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