About GEL program

I learned many academic things and experienced a variety of things from GEL program. For example, I learned how to give a presentation in English and I took a course on English Mediated Instruction. It’s a class to learn how to teach people some non English things using English.

I had 2 part-time jobs. Once I worked for a bar but it was very hard for me because I had to memorize the names of  drinks and I worked until 4 AM! I was nervous when I worked there. After leaving that job, I started to work at a supermarket as a stock person. It’s an very easy job and it closes at 10 PM so I don’t have to work late at night. Especially, my colleagues are very nice. I’m satisfied with my job now.

I could make many friends from GEL program. This program gives me many opportunity to contact with foreign people. I have many nice friends in other countries now. This February (2016), I will take a trip to Taipei to visit one of them. I’m so excited to meet them again.

If you are interested in this program, please join it. Through this program, you will get many fantastic experience you can’t never forget.

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