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About my hobby – “kadou” (a.k.a. ikebana)

Published on October 21st, 2016 | by Reina

img_1889I have been brought up around flowers ever since I was born because my parents work at flower shop. Every day I have seen flowers, so I like them. When I entered high school I started doing ikebana.


My hobby is ikebana, so I’m in the tea ceremony and flower arrangement club at HUEA. I’ve been doing tea ceremony for three months. Our main activity is making tea, but we also do flower arrangement once a month. Doing flower arranging costs money, because we have to buy flowers. It probably costs about one thousand yen for one activity. We decide which days of week every month. For instance, this month we did it on Wednesdays, but last month we did on Thursdays.


The tea ceremony and flower arrangement are traditional parts of Japanese culture. To tell the truth, you are supposed to wear kimono during these activities, but in my club we don’t! So if join us, you don’t worry about the clothes. You can come to our club wearing casual clothes. You don’t also worry about bringing the tools for flower arrangement. For example, flower shears, flower organ and something else. We do our activities on campus at the サークル会館 of HUEA. If you join this club, please contact me, Ayana Ozono, my club leader, or go to 学務グループof this university and tell them you want to join it. Right now, we don’t have foreigners including exchange students, but we would gladly welcome you.


World of Tanks- my favorite online game

Published on October 20th, 2016 | by Akito

My hobby is playing video game. My favorite video game is World of Tanks. This game is free online game of Wargaming.net. , so you can play if you sign up for an account and download this game.  You can play with your friends if you make a platoon. There are so many kinds of tanks, so you can find and use many tanks, picking the ones you like, and buying more powerful tanks with Experiences and Credits you earn in the game.

This game is very simple. Destroy all enemy tanks or capture enemy base, you win. Rule is simple, but game is not easy.  Every game has different situation and different tanks, so we have to consider every time where is the best to go and how to protect your allies (who can be your friends).

There are 5 role of tanks: Light tank, Medium tank, Heavy tank, Tank destroyer and Artillery (SPG). Of these, I like Tank destroyer the best, because they have a very powerful gun and are good at hiding. I can shoot powerful shot from out range without be found.

  (This is Nashorn Tier 6 German Tank destroyer. I like it very much! )

My hobby is “Eisa” dancing

Published on October 20th, 2016 | by Ayako

My hobby is “Eisa” dancing. I’m in an Eisa club at my university. Eisa is an Okinawan traditional dance in which is seen the Bon festival in Okinawa. The Bon festival is a Japanese Buddhist festival where people show respect to the dead. Now, having taken into account the genres of rocks or pops music, we practice and perform at local festivals.

We meet two days a week for practicing for two to three hours. And we have many opportunities to perform our dance especially on weekends in the summer. We dance the Eisa shouldering and hitting a drum. The drum is somewhat heavy but I feel releasing my energy when I hit the drum. During practice, we memorize the choreography and dance in perfect union. Whenever we have a show, we show the fruit of our practicing.

Everyone could join our club’s practices at any time. And I think, any one could come and see our performance. If you saw our dance, you would be excited and wanted to join us.

My hobby

Published on October 20th, 2016 | by Kenta

My hobby is kendo, Japanese traditional martial art originating in the bushido of samurai. It is fun to both do and watch. I am on the kendo team in this Asahikawa campus.

We regularly meet at 6:30pm every Monday and Wednesday, and at 10:30am every Saturday, We always practice kendo for an hour and thirty minutes. It’s not so long as any other kendo team, however, we always concentrate very much on “keiko” which basically means practicing. This is a very important time. The leader of our club picks the content for each day’s practice. Usually, this means we practice basic technique like “men” (this term means head or face) firstly and after that do sparring practice.

If you are interested in our club, join us! Don’t worry if you have never tried kendo. Our team has some members who had never done kendo before they joined our team. Please come to kendo-jo on the second floor of the gym and tell the student club manager that you want to join. No need to pay money for the club. You only have to pay money for competitions. Until last August, a Taiwanese student called Su-san was in our club, so we wish that students studying abroad also join us.


Published on June 3rd, 2016 | by Ayako

My name is Ayako.
I was born and raised in Kitami, so I had lived there for 19 years.
My family members are my dad, mom, my older sister and myself.

Now, I’m a student at Hokkaido University of Education, Asahikawa Campus. (Kitami is about three  hours from Asahikawa by express train). Here,  I’m majoring in Educational Development. It’s Elementary Ed. And I am also an English Ed minor.

I enrolled in HUEA in March 2015, but I took a year off last year.

Last year, I had an operation and did rehabilitation  again, that’s why I took a leave of absence for a year. So, I am studying at the university as a freshman from April 2016. I have had operations many times in my life because of I had bad hip joints by nature.


I really like movies. My favorite movies  are Dead Poets Society and Big Fish.
I can do curling and also play the saxophone.
That’s all for now!
Thank you.


Published on June 3rd, 2016 | by Akito

Hello, My name is Akito.
I’m a freshman at Hokkaido University of Education Asahikawa. I’m majoring in English education .
I’m in Skiing club.
I like to play Video game . especially FPS and TPS.
I also like listening to music. My favourite genres are rock,folk, and military songs.
It’s nice to meet you.


Published on June 3rd, 2016 | by Taiga

I’m Taiga. I am grad for this opportunity to introduce myself.

I am a freshman at HUEA, majoring in Educational Development, and I specializing in special education.

One of my hobbies is singing songs. Here, at HUEA, I’m part of the chorus circle (circles are a type of Japanese student club). We practice it three times a week toward the concert that we will hold in December in addition, the chorus circles at HUES and HUEK are also going to participate in it. I’m sure it will be exciting so I want you to come enjoy our concern.

I work at UNIQLO as a part time job. When you want to buy some clothes, please tell me. I can help you with your shopping and let you use my 30% employee discount.

Thank you for reading our content!

Yuki C.

Published on June 3rd, 2016 | by YukiChiba

Hi, I’m Yuki C.

I’m from Sapporo in Hokkaido and I’m a freshman at Hokkaido University of Education Asahikawa. I’m majoring in Educational Development and I with a specialization in Education.  And I’m in GEL program.

Last year, I was a Ronin.  This means I spent the year studying to get into university. I studied very hard, and I studied English, because I want to be an English teacher.

For fun, I usually listen to music and watch movies. In both cases, I prefer non-Japanese music and films.My favorite group is One Direction,  and I enjoy watching action movies.

I like almost all sports.  I especially like soccer because I played soccer when I was junior high school and high school. Now I’m in the tennis club.  But it is kind of boring for me because I can’t play it well.  Please  somebody teach me some tennis.


Published on June 3rd, 2016 | by Kenta

I’m Kenta, and I’m majoring in English education.
My hobbies are listening to music (I love rock!) and Kendo. I’m part of the kendo club here at HUEA.
I’m actually shy, but I’m trying to conquer it by communicating with many other people in English. So, I’m challenging my fears!
In addition, I can think calmly about anything. I always keep my cool and I don’t resort to judgement caused by instant emotion.


Published on June 3rd, 2016 | by Kanami

Hello, everyone.
I’m Kanami. It’s glad to see you. I’m from Kushiro in Hokkaido. I started to live alone in April 2016.  So, I miss my family so much.
I’m majoring in Educational Development in Hokkaido University of Education. My focus is special education. So, in the future, I want to work in the special needs education school.
My hobby is playing musical instruments. I can play the flute, and I’m in the school band.
Anyway, I’m eager to make lots of friends. So, please feel free to talk to me anytime.
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