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My hobby is “Eisa” dancing

My hobby is “Eisa” dancing. I’m in an Eisa club at my university. Eisa is an Okinawan traditional dance in which is seen the Bon festival in Okinawa. The Bon festival is a Japanese Buddhist festival where people show respect to the dead. Now, having taken into account the genres of rocks or pops music, we practice and perform at local festivals.

We meet two days a week for practicing for two to three hours. And we have many opportunities to perform our dance especially on weekends in the summer. We dance the Eisa shouldering and hitting a drum. The drum is somewhat heavy but I feel releasing my energy when I hit the drum. During practice, we memorize the choreography and dance in perfect union. Whenever we have a show, we show the fruit of our practicing.

Everyone could join our club’s practices at any time. And I think, any one could come and see our performance. If you saw our dance, you would be excited and wanted to join us.

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