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My hobby

My hobby is kendo, Japanese traditional martial art originating in the bushido of samurai. It is fun to both do and watch. I am on the kendo team in this Asahikawa campus.

We regularly meet at 6:30pm every Monday and Wednesday, and at 10:30am every Saturday, We always practice kendo for an hour and thirty minutes. It’s not so long as any other kendo team, however, we always concentrate very much on “keiko” which basically means practicing. This is a very important time. The leader of our club picks the content for each day’s practice. Usually, this means we practice basic technique like “men” (this term means head or face) firstly and after that do sparring practice.

If you are interested in our club, join us! Don’t worry if you have never tried kendo. Our team has some members who had never done kendo before they joined our team. Please come to kendo-jo on the second floor of the gym and tell the student club manager that you want to join. No need to pay money for the club. You only have to pay money for competitions. Until last August, a Taiwanese student called Su-san was in our club, so we wish that students studying abroad also join us.

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