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Agree or Disagree: If you are going to own a smartphone, it should be an iPhone.


Recently, several students (including GEL students) have replaced or upgraded their smartphones. When I last upgraded my phone (two years ago), I switched from a phone manufactured by SHARP running Android to an iPhone 5c. One of the reasons I switched is that I wanted to know what the big deal was about iPhones. Another reason is that one of our friends helped us find a really good deal on the phones. But I’ve noticed something — no one* switches from an iPhone back to an Android phone.

Here’s some food for thought: iPhones are high status items.

Second piece of food for thought: It’s $687 or so for an iPhone but only $254 or so for an Android smart phone (Forbes). (HT: Yung)

*okay that’s  hyperbole but I see a very strong tendency for people to go from Android to iPhone but not iPhone to android.

Vocabulary I used you might not know

Hyperbole = exaggeration = ことを過剰にする

HT = hat tip = thanks!

Your Assignment

Is this a good thing, a bad thing, or a neutral thing? I want each student to comment as an answer. Use at least 100 words (this is the HW due by 1/15).

What advice would you give to next year’s freshmen who join GEL?

Right now, the current GEL freshmen are nearing the end of their freshman year. You will soon be sophomores which makes you sempai to the new incoming class. Now, that you are older and wiser, what advice would you give about how they could spend their freshman year well?

Would you tell them that they should copy you? Should they get a part-time job? Who should they talk to to get the best advice? How should they study English? What major should they pick? Do you have any regrets about the year? Did  you have any great experiences that you think they should know about? Do you have any warnings for them?

Explain why you think what you think in your comments.

(We will do this one during class).

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