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My current educational experience

Published on June 9th, 2023 | by Ousuke

I have a lot of assignments of online in the university. I heve a good point and bad point about my assignmrnt.

First, I can feel free to do my assignments when I have free time. It is useful for me to submit my assignment.

Second, sometimes I don’t know how to submit or how to solve problems due to system problems.

current education experience

Published on June 9th, 2023 | by Kotoha

I have not really experience forums when I was a high school student. It is because the classes were almost to seek using practical skills in my high school. Although, art competitions have become held on the Internet since due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to hand in our works to the art competition with their pictures. I felt sad that our works were rated to be seen only with pictures. I had not painted with all my might because even if I drew it in detail, the judges can’t look the effort. There is a limit to the image quality of the pictures. It is not good for education. If you are acquired better skills for students, it is better to make an opportunity that they can watch works directly.

                        However, I believe they are good tools for learning. I’m starting to use forums for learning from when it is started the classes in the college. It is efficient to learn something. It is valid what I can learn anytime I want or I can review it if I can’t understand the contents.

                            Therefore, I believe it is really efficient for learning but it is not good to evaluate our works. It is important to consider the purposes.

my current education experience

Published on June 9th, 2023 | by Rio

In university classes, I have to submit my assignments online. However, it has a lot of problems.

First, errors often occur but professors don’t realize it. When it happens, it’s difficult to submit the assignment and our grade will be lower. Also, technical mistakes are not discovered by people so we have many problems getting responses and feedback from students and teachers.

Second, some students find it difficult to submit homework at their home because of the gap in the internet environment. It is unfair that students in a bad environment get lower grades.

All the reasons mentioned above, the system students submit assignments online is inconvenient.

My current educational experience

Published on June 9th, 2023 | by Aika

I started to use ICT materials in education after COVID-19, however, my high school did not often use technology in education before it. After COVID-19, we used Google Classroom and Google Meet in some classes, but not often. My high school tried to use ICT in education after the closure of a school because of COVID-19, so in the term of closure a school we did not have enough equipment and experience. Consequently, we had difficulties to make good use of it.
After I entered this university, I had more opportunities to use ICT materials in the classes, for example, we had classes via Zoom, use our laptops in the classes to make slides, answering questions such as e-learning. At first, I could not make full use of it, but I can use it better than before.
I think it is effective to learn because we can study everywhere and every time, also the class uses the movie about the content related to the class, and we can watch it whenever we want to. However, it has not only advantages but also disadvantages. There are some people who do not study by themselves, so arises a difference between people who study and not.
Therefore, I have some experience using ICT in education. I want to use it more effectively when I study at this university and after being an English teacher in the future.

My current educational experience

Published on June 9th, 2023 | by Saaya

After I entered this university, I was surprised that ICT is used so much in classes. It was beyond my expectation.

I hardly used ICT when I was in high school. Assignments were always real paper, most of teachers teached with blackbords and we were took notes on the notebooks. The style of classes and study are totally different compared to my experiences.

Sometimes, there are troubles using computers for study. I still don’t know how to use my laptop well, I sometimes lose focus when the class is remoted. So I’m trying to do my best all kind of works I have to do.

My education experience

Published on June 13th, 2022 | by Kenta K

 When I was high school student, I felt wonder about difference between two teachers.
 One of them was so serious and he made classroom newsletter everyday. In this article, He told us how important study is.
However, no one read. No one wanted to answer his enthusiasm. In spite of responds seriously to students’ comments and insights in his class.
 The Other was rarely create opportunity to respond to student’s comments and insights in his class. He almost use video class so his class is one-sided.
However, everyone in his class adored him. In the rare blackboard class, everyone was serious to learn the lesson from what he was teaching.
 They are both serious about teaching and they are rich in knowledge. What made the difference in their trust in their students? I thought that it may be caused by ability to choose the best way to use educational resources or to attention to student.
 Attention to others is important, as is the case of casual response in everyday life.
what we do in our daily lives is really visible.
In this case, better communication with the student could have produced the intended results.
 However, building good communication is difficult because we are dealing with large number of human beings.
Since this experience I’ve still been struggling with what the best education is. How would you answer this question?

My current education experience

Published on June 12th, 2022 | by Daishi

What I have felt about education since I entered this university is the difference from high school in content. Until high school, I only learned what my teacher taught me and prepared for tests. However, this kind of study is not often seen in this university. I have to ask questions by myself and look for books and papers in order to solve them. I think high school should adopt a little bit of university-like study to lessen the gap between high schools and universities.

My education experience

Published on June 11th, 2022 | by Miyu

My favorite teacher in my high school tought us ethics. And he has realized that his class does not always work for all students, so he keeps in mind to show his students several studying approaches in a class. For example, he sometimes introduced us to an educational Youtuber, who improved our level of understanding. Actually, I came to interested in ethics through Youtube, so I think everyone has their own way of studying.

My Current Education Experience

Published on June 9th, 2022 | by Mei

It has been almost a year after I started to study about education system of Japan and the method of taking care of children. Last year, I did learned about those methods from textbooks, lectures by professors and lots of assignments. And this year, I joined the activity for elementary school students as a volunteer for the first time. There was a big difference between my knowledge and real children. From this experience, I learned studying in real field not only with textbooks and getting opportunities to communicate with children are very important as well.

My current education experience

Published on June 8th, 2022 | by Keijyu

I have five classes that are all in English now. It is said that English classes in high school should be all in English, but it is too difficult for students to keep up with the classes. Actually, teachers know that, so all English classes in my high school are mostly in Japanese. However, because I entered this university, I have to have some classes in all English. I noticed that if you want to improve your English skills, especially speaking skills, surroundings like that are necessary for English learners. Therefore, You should expose yourself to unfamiliar surroundings, like classes in all English classes, to improve your English skills.


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