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my current education experience

In university classes, I have to submit my assignments online. However, it has a lot of problems.

First, errors often occur but professors don’t realize it. When it happens, it’s difficult to submit the assignment and our grade will be lower. Also, technical mistakes are not discovered by people so we have many problems getting responses and feedback from students and teachers.

Second, some students find it difficult to submit homework at their home because of the gap in the internet environment. It is unfair that students in a bad environment get lower grades.

All the reasons mentioned above, the system students submit assignments online is inconvenient.


  1. I agree with your opinions. I think there are some people who are difficult to submit assignments for bad internet environments. It is a big issue that there is a gap in the internet environment. But I also think the college is open for like these students. If the college is so far from the house of a student, it doesn’t really make sense though.

  2. I agree with your opinion, I had similar experience that you write about after entering university. They are problems that occur by using ICT in education, so the university has to deal with them. However, it is useful to take classes online you live in a remote area or far from school. Therefore, we need to consider solving problems to do better education.

  3. I hope the issues aren’t super common with my system! I don’t trust other systems for the reasons you say and it’s difficult to track when errors occur. I also intentionally make providing comments and grading quickly a feature so that students can learn from their mistakes while they still care about assignments.

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