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current education experience

I have not really experience forums when I was a high school student. It is because the classes were almost to seek using practical skills in my high school. Although, art competitions have become held on the Internet since due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to hand in our works to the art competition with their pictures. I felt sad that our works were rated to be seen only with pictures. I had not painted with all my might because even if I drew it in detail, the judges can’t look the effort. There is a limit to the image quality of the pictures. It is not good for education. If you are acquired better skills for students, it is better to make an opportunity that they can watch works directly.

                        However, I believe they are good tools for learning. I’m starting to use forums for learning from when it is started the classes in the college. It is efficient to learn something. It is valid what I can learn anytime I want or I can review it if I can’t understand the contents.

                            Therefore, I believe it is really efficient for learning but it is not good to evaluate our works. It is important to consider the purposes.


  1. I agree with your opinion. It is disadvantage of technology that efforts cannot be looked. In online classes, students were evaluated by submissions and tests, and them efforts cannot be evaluated, because it is not understood how much time they did and prepared. I think to overcome this disadvantage teachers should do online classes and evaluate students with understanding this disadvantage.

  2. I think that would be very frustrating for something where people need to see it to really understand it.

    Maybe for those sorts of capstone assignments, there needs to be a journal or other tool to show the work that was done.

  3. I agree with you, ICT has advantages and disadvantages whether it works well or not. I heard some museums’ artworks can see on the Internet by using their database. It is good for people who live in other countries or have difficulties going there. However, as you said, we cannot see in detail, therefore, we consider by the situation technology is good or not.

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