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My current educational experience

I have a lot of assignments of online in the university. I heve a good point and bad point about my assignmrnt.

First, I can feel free to do my assignments when I have free time. It is useful for me to submit my assignment.

Second, sometimes I don’t know how to submit or how to solve problems due to system problems.


  1. I sometimes don’t know how to submit my assingment and also how to attend classes.
    And I want to know when you do your assignments because I always hectic doing them.

  2. you get the point. students who are good at using technology can use their time efficiently by using ICT but those who are not need more time to submit their assignments and also they sometimes cannot submit them because of a technology issue.

  3. I think so too. Assignments of online have not only good points but also bad points. I think we should understand that and use good points and overcome bad points. Also, I’m not good at using computers and I don’t know how to submit assignments sometimes too, so I try to serch the way and overcome my weakness.

  4. I have a good point / bad point –> There are good points and bad points. (I haveを利用しると、央介自身は良し悪しある).
    This is true but could engage more with the focuses of the class.

  5. I think so too. ICT is very useful but it sometimes happnes problems. I’m not sure to submit my assignment.
    So, It is difficult for me to use ICT.

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