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Plants and Happiness

Published on June 20th, 2020 | by Honami

Since COVID-19 has spread all over the world, we are not able to do many fun things such as having events and traveling to other places. In addition, we see news about COVED-19 every day, we are not able to estimate when this pandemic is going to end. Due to stressful circumstances, everyone has to wear face masks and sanitize their hands many times during the day.

To reduce this stress, I would recommend taking a walk outside to look at flowers and trees or having plants in the house. You can refresh by walking outside which produces serotonin which makes you feel happy. Green color relieves your stress. The substance in plants called phytoncide stimulates your parasympathetic nerve system which makes your brain relax as well as reduce your stress.

I have two plants in my room and I feel happy when I see them. I am a lazy person, so a cactus is the best plant for me. I have been thinking of buying a new cactus with flowers. Seeing different flowers while taking a walk is very fun.

Do you have plants? If you do, why did you buy it, or how does it make you feel? If you don’t have one, do you want to buy any plants?

Lastly, how will you enjoy your time when you take a walk outside?

How COVID-19 is affecting my education

Published on June 18th, 2020 | by Yu

COVID-19 is not just a health crisis but also education crisis for me.

First, since the virus affects our life, all of our classes have been conducted online and I’m having a hard enough time concentrating on my online courses as it is right now. I’ve already got a lot of homework and now, every day I have to do my assignment until midnight.

Second, Also, It’s harder to communicate with classmates by using ICT tools than we did before. So for my seminar, some activities are difficult to do them online and I do not have time to think about activities for members to improve their English skills instead of the activities we used to do.

Finally, When we do online courses, we have to think about the digital divide. If some people have a great network and computers but others don’t, there would be a big gap between them in terms of education.

COVID-19 definitely has a great impact on our lives and education and I hope everything will be normal soon.

8 hard things without using a computer in online classes

Published on June 18th, 2020 | by Sakura

My computer had broken since 2 weeks ago and it made me so hard to take online classes. I found 8 hard points without using computer in online classes.

1 Power point and Word apps. I could use them by my iphone but the screen was too small to check sentences I wrote or put a picture on the powerpoint.

2 Zoom app. It was taugh to watch the screen that a professor shares for students.

3 To submit assignments. Sometimes if a size of a pdf and a word file are big, they can not be sent by my iphone or their size will be small and difficult to see well.

4 Typing is also difficult. When you want to write many papers with an iphone, it would be stressful for you to use small key board of it.

5 Phone capacity. If you install some apps for online classes and tasks, it would consume your phone storage.

6 Memories. When you want to organize files and save tasks, you can not do that into your USB memory stick.

7 if you need to search something quickly, you need to change the window or app and then search it by using an iphone only. Compared to it, if you have both computer and a iphone, you can use both of them at the same time.

8 The quality of the camera. Iphone’s camera is more clear than computer’s one so if you really care about your fashion or if you fail to make up your face, it’s going to be hard time, especially for women.

Overall, I found a computer is very useful tool in current situation.

How science classes are happening with COVID-19.

Published on June 18th, 2020 | by Takeru

We have no traditional class in this semester because of COVID-19. And we can’t do our experiment. This is the worst point. Being of an experiment is necessary to learn science because we are able to see phenomenon. Even if we learn about one phenomenon in the textbook, this will be just knowledge about the phenomenon. We need to understand why a phenomenon happens, how it happens, what is a condition to happen, and what will happen after the phenomenon to learn science.

How COVID-19 is affecting my education.

Published on June 18th, 2020 | by Moeka

COVID-19 has spread out all over the world. Because of the current situation, we cannot go to University, so we take classes online. University life has changed. Usually, I studied and did some homework with my friends at University but I study and do homework by myself. Because of that, I miss face-to-face talk with my friends and teachers. Even we have a mock lesson, we use Zoom. It means we lost direct communication.

How science classes are happening with COVID-19.

Published on June 18th, 2020 | by Yuma

There is a science class including 12 experiments such as 中学校理科実験1. The experiment class is one of the most important science classes for becoming a science teacher. This is because the course of study at junior high school in science (中学校学習指導要領理科) sets a goal of developing the ability to explore scientifically through observation and experiment. However, as you know, students at HUEA must not go into the campus due to COVIT-19, so science major students cannot do experiments. First, the professor who is in charge of the experiment class announced that you should prepare for the experiments according to some instructions. I do not know how many people followed the instruction because we do not need to submit the preparing study… In the second announcement, the professor informed the students that as the college permitted to enter the campus so as to do experiment, this class was going to conduct only 4 experiments in July. I was surprised that the number of experiments was reduced by one-third. In short, the number of required experiments has decreased from 12 to 4. I think this causes declination of the ability to do and teach experiments for the students. What do you think about it?

About the Educational Psychology Major

Published on December 4th, 2015 | by Rihoko

In this post, I am going to explain the educational psychology major. In this major, students learn how to think about education using the  knowledge and methods of psychology. For example, we are currently leaning the way how to do data analysis using computers. We also discuss papers and books about psychology.

About the Science Major

Published on November 30th, 2015 | by Ayuna

I would like to explain my major, science. In the science major, there are 11 seminars (a seminar is a group that meets with a professor and focuses on a single specialization): three science education seminars, two chemistry seminars, two biology seminars, two physics seminars and two geology seminars.

Unlike in some other majors at HUEA where students join their seminar in the first semester, in the science major, we rotate through all seminars, so you can choose a seminar you like. At the end of the first year, we pick a seminar. We spend a year thinking about which seminar we want to join.

There are a lot of classes. For example, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, thermodynamics. I think it is hard to earn a passing grade in many of the classes.

 I am looking forward studying with you!

About the English Education Major

Published on November 30th, 2015 | by Miki


What we learn

・linguistics(grammar, phonetics, meaning, and history)

・literature (English literature, American literature, and literary theory)

・education(acquisition of the second language, teaching methodology, teaching materials, and evaluation)

・communication(nonverbal communication and understanding of different cultures)



・Having high level proficiencies in four English skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing)

・Getting balanced knowledge in each domain skills (linguistics, literature, education, and communication)



Characteristics of curriculum

In the English Education Major, you can learn about not only about English more generally but also gain specialized knowledge starting from the first year at university. Once you enter the university,  you also join a seminars that focuses on of these fields and is led by one of our tenured faculty.


Ishizuka Hiroki – education

Kasahara Kiwamu – education

Katagiri Noriaki – communication

Kanno Satoru – linguistics

Toshinai Yasutaka – literature

We also have a specially appointed term-limited lecturer,  Boyle Jennifer Mari.


In the English education practice class, you will learn the theoretical basis of second language acquisition. It is said that in the world the number of people who speak more than two languages in their lives is higher than the number of people who speak one language. In English language education, we  thinking about how people acquire non-native languages, both as children and adults, to learn how to better improve our own language skills and to teach others.

Introducing the Special education Seminar

Published on November 30th, 2015 | by Mana


I’m majoring in educational development and I’m in the special education seminar. (Here at HUEA, students have a major and they also have a seminar “zemi” with whom they study regularly).

I think this seminar is the best seminar in H.U.E.A, because this seminar member are very kind and humorous. So we are very close friends. I’m freshman, so the juniors and seniors take care of me in the seminar.

In our seminar, we volunteer as members of the circle “RapoRapo”. Through this, we can gain experience with handicaps and disabilities. The time we spend in seminar is very interesting and valuable for me.  We play sport, do imitation class, we think about handicap etc. These are all great lessons for us.


In Hokkaido, there are very few professors who study about developmental disability. If you are interested in learning more about teaching and developmental disability, I recommend that you join this semester.


If you want to ask more, please contact me, or please come to open campus at H.U.E.A.

I’m waiting for you!!


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