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Introducing the Special education Seminar


I’m majoring in educational development and I’m in the special education seminar. (Here at HUEA, students have a major and they also have a seminar “zemi” with whom they study regularly).

I think this seminar is the best seminar in H.U.E.A, because this seminar member are very kind and humorous. So we are very close friends. I’m freshman, so the juniors and seniors take care of me in the seminar.

In our seminar, we volunteer as members of the circle “RapoRapo”. Through this, we can gain experience with handicaps and disabilities. The time we spend in seminar is very interesting and valuable for me.  We play sport, do imitation class, we think about handicap etc. These are all great lessons for us.


In Hokkaido, there are very few professors who study about developmental disability. If you are interested in learning more about teaching and developmental disability, I recommend that you join this semester.


If you want to ask more, please contact me, or please come to open campus at H.U.E.A.

I’m waiting for you!!

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