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HUE’s International Partners

Sending Students Overseas

At HUE, we have three types of  International exchange programs: short-term study abroad, long-term student exchange, and long-term language school. Using this, students from HUE can go  to many places in the world to learn  other languages and about other cultures.

Through the programs at Hokkaido University of education (HUE), a lot of students rediscover Japanese cultures and acquire the ability of speaking, listening, writing, reading in other languages. In addition, you can have wonderful experiences which widen your global vision and your ideas of cross-cultural understanding.

Accepting of Students from Overseas

Especially, HUE has rich study abroad arrangements with with Harbin Normal University and Illinois State University. These universities are located in sister cities to Asahikawa.

In total, 16 students came from abroad as exchange students to study at the Asahikawa campus in 2014. Every time new exchange students come to HUE, we always hold a welcome party and play icebreaker games in English. Attending this party gives exchange students and regular students  at HUEA the chance to make friends.  While at HUEA, exchange students take classes to understand Japanese culture and society, and promote exchange with the students of HUE.

HUE Global Education Leadership Program

In 2015, we started the Global education Leadership Program (GEL). This program helps you for preparation before going abroad.In the GEL program, students work hard on learning English. For example, you can learn English through classes like Presentation and Teaching Methodologies for English-mediated Instruction.. Also, the program advisor, Dr. Andrew Komasinski, will give you useful advices. You can join GEL program even if you are not an English major.


Overseas Partner University

There are many partner Universities all over the world. You can study Korean, Russian, Chinese even German if you decide to go these countries.  Language skills you learn and friends you meet will become properties of your career and they will make your life more wonderful.

List of Partners

CountryUniversity NameDate Exchange Agreement was Made
RussiaNovosibirsk State University named after Vitus BeringDecember, 1998
KyrgyzBishkek Humanities UniversityApril, 2003
ZambiaThe University of ZambiaAugust, 2005
EgyptCairo UniversityOctober, 1999
United KingdomSchool of Oriental and Africa Studies, University of LondonJanuary 1988
NorwayUniversity of BergenApril, 2003
FinlandSibelius AcademyMay, 1995
FinlandUniversity of OuluApril, 2008
AustraliaUniversity of Technology, Sydney November, 1993
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityFebruary, 1995
AustraliaGriffith UniversityApril, 2001
ChinaShenyang Normal UniversityJuly, 1988
ChinaHarbin Normal UniversityJuly, 1988
ChinaShandong Teacher's UniversitySeptember, 1992
ChinaUniversity of Hong KongApril, 1999
ChinaSichuan UniversityMarch, 2000
ChinaTianjin Foreign Studies UniversityOctober, 2015
ChinaLiaoning UniversityMarch, 2015
ChinaDalian Ocean University
April, 2015
VietnamHue UniversitySeptember, 2009
CanadaUniversity of Calgary February, 1990
CanadaSimon Fraser University
April, 2000
CanadaSaint Mary’s University January, 1990
USAUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks July, 1989
USAUniversity of Alaska Anchorage June, 2006
USAIllinois State UniversityOctober, 1995
USAThe University of Massachusetts AmherstFebruary, 2010
USASouthern Utah UniversityMay, 2013
USASimmons College August, 2013
KoreaThe College of Education of Pusan National UniversityJanuary, 2007
KoreaSeoul National University of Education June, 2009
KoreaJeonju National University of Education June, 2010
KoreaBusan National University of Education June, 2010
KoreaHansung UniversityMarch, 2011
TaiwanUniversity of Taipei December, 2012
GermanyUniversity of Music WuerzburgJune, 2014


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