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My experiences in Calgary

I’ve been to Calgary for one month with nine students as a short period of study abroad program.

I had a great time. I want to go back to Calgary. One month was too short.

About Studying in Calgary

In Calgary, we studied a lot of things at University of Calgary. For Example, English pronunciation, how to improve our English skills and Canadian culture… That university is so huge. H.U.E.A. can’t even compare with it. The teachers were great, too. They were very kind and humourous. I wanted to take more of their classes.

Also in one of an English class, we could talk with other international students. So we could make friends with people from all over the world.

We visited six schools. (two elementary schools, three junior high schools, one high school) Every time we were surprised because students(of course teachers) were free and they had many interesting, creative classes. One elementary school has very good sensory tools. Since I’m majoring in special education, I found this very interesting.

About Calgary

We visited many beautiful places and wonderful museums. Calgary has a lot of funtastic things. I’ve always been interested in dinosaurs. So Drum Heller was amazing place for me.

The people who lives in Calgary were very kind and friendly. So I never felt lonely there.

The foods was great,too. Almost all of the foods tasted good!! Calgary (Maybe all of Canada?) is a multiracial nation, so we can eat many kinds of country’s foods. Sushi is very popular in Calgary. I saw a lot of Sushi shop. But some sweets were too sweet!! (But not so bad) So if I live in Canada, I will grow fat…!!


Someday I want go to Calgary again. Not want — but rather must go back to Calgary. But I want to go in summer.

Mana’s thought on improving business communication & IT

What skills did I learn?

I learned Listening ,Speaking and Writing English skills.

What posts were most interesting to write?

It was interesting for me to write about Japanese culture, because what seems normal for me as Japanese  is very strange and special for foreigners.

So I want to know about Japanese culture.

What sort of posts would you want to read?

I want to read about club activity and circles activity.


It was very interesting class for me!!

Especially, I could get English writing skill.

So I enjoy writing English!

New Year’s Day in Japan

When you come to Japan, I recommend that you experience Japanese New Year.

The reason why is New Year’s eve and day is most important day for Japanese people in the year. So everyone in the family gets together and eats a feast and watching TV children can get money as Otoshidama.

In New year’s eve we eat Soba as Toshikoshisoba and watch special TV program.

Toshikoshisoba means the soba noodles eaten on New Year’s Eve because soba noodle is long so we hope long life and soba is easy to bite off so we hope we cut bad luck like soba.

Then at midnight we go to shrine to Hatsumoude.

Hatsumoude means first visit to shrine.

We draw an Omikuji. An Omikuji is fortune slip, so we can tell our fortune of new year. It’s very fun.

On New Year’s day, we eat Ozoni and Osechi. These are traditional Japanese food and get money from relative and eat a feast and just relax .



So we often say Shogatsu-Butori. (shougatsu means new year ; futori = means getting fat). Together, they mean gaining weight for New Years.

Japanese New Year is very fun but please be careful about Shogatsu-Butori.

Christmas for Japanese students

Christmas is special event for us. I get that there’s a Christian holiday and way of celebrating, but Japanese people — even ones who aren’t religious have their own style  of celebrating. I am going to explain the Japanese style below (especially the style of one Japanese student!)

First, we have school on Christmas day.  Christmas is not holiday. So after school, we hold Christmas paty with friends or go to dinner with boyfriend(or girlfriend). Like this, we usually spend Chistmas day with boyfriend (or girlfriend) or friends or alone.  Me? Of course, I have part-time job!

Second, we usually eat chicken, eat a whole cake, and drink champagne.  Cake shop make many kinds of cake. I enjoy choosing a cake every year.So the reason why Christmas is special for me is I can eat rich and delicious food that is special for this day.


Third, if we have Christmas party or have a boyfriend(or girlfriend), we exchange present. But if we don’t have these, we don’t need to prepare present. Many people don’t but I give the present to my family every year. So you don’t have to prepare gifts, but if you want to show your thankfulness to people (or to someone special), you can prepare presents.

This is how Japanese students celebrate Christmas and why they love it.I think Japanese style is not bad. Please, enjoy a Japanese Christmas with us!






Okushiba Shoten

< Okushiba syouten (奥芝商店) >

This is soup curry shop near H.U.E.A.  Soup curry is Hokkaido’s original food.

Adress : 北海道旭川市旭町1条13丁目2146-14

URL   : http://www.okusyo.com/

I love this shop. We can choose to add veggies and the level of spiciness.

We can eat lunch or dinner there.

This shop is very famous, so I recommend making reservation. In the evening, you may need to wait at least 15 minutes — sometimes 30 minutes (on Fridays or Saturdays).

Surya – Nepalese Curry

< SURYA  (スーリヤ) >

This is a Nepalese curry shop.

Adress : 〒070-0816  旭川市川端町6条10丁目1-13 (Asahikawa Kawabata-cho 6-10 1-13)

URL   :  http://www.solid-surya.jp/index.php

They offer All-you-can-eat naan and rice.

We can eat lunch and dinner. But lunch is cheaper than dinner, so I recommend lunch.

This shop’s naan is very big and delicious! I love this shop, too.


The Special Education Seminar Room

I am in Special education seminar, so I love our seminar room in Education-building.

At our seminar room, we can do everything we need. For example, we can talk with students in the same seminar, eat, cook, study and sleep. Moreover, we can use free Wi-Fi.

Asahikawa’s winter is very cold. So almost class rooms are very cold, too. But we can turn on the heater freely at our seminar room and we can spend confortable time.

So I often go to our seminar room when I don’t have class.

Why don’t you spend relax time with us?
If you interested in special education, please come to our seminar room and feel free to ask me to be your guide!

About the buses to and from H.U.E.A.

This time I am writing about the buses that can take you to and from campus. I know a lot about this because I ride buses to and from school every day. (yaaaay = it’s not always run riding the bus every day).

About the Bus System

In Asahikawa we have two kinds of buses, because there are two bus companies.

The one is “Asahikawa Denkikido Bus(旭川電気軌道バス)” (we usually say “ASADEN(あさでん)”)

The other  is “Dohoku Bus(道北バス)”. Neither has a good website in English.

There’s way more ASADEN buses, so I am only going to explain how to use ASADEN.

Using Buses Near Campus

There are two main bus stops near H.U.E.A.’s campus.

First , there is the Hokumon-chou 9-choume(北門町9丁目) bus stop is near education building. At this stop, we can catch the ASADEN #23 and #24 buses.

Second, there is the Asahimachi 2-jou 10-tyoume(旭町2条10丁目) bus stop just north of campus. This is near L-building. At this stop, we can catch the ASADEN #5, #6, and #14 buses.

Taking buses in Asahikawa can be a little complicated. Moreover, Asahikawa has many snow and roads are freeze in winter.

So often buses arrive 5-10 or more minutes behind schedule in the winter.

How to get on and off the bus

First , we have to take the numbered ticket (seiri-ken).  You can find  this right side when you get on the bus.(If you have MARUPASS(マルパス)or ASAKA(アサカ), you don’t have to take the number ticket. You just touch your card on the machine.)

Second, when  you want to get off next bus stop, you have to push the purple switch to ask the bus driver to stop the bus.

Third, When you get off the bus, you have to pay the fare. The fare is showed on electric bulletin board.  You have to put the number ticket and then the money into the box.(If you have MARUPASS or ASAKA, you don’t need to pay money. you just touch your card on the machine. )


Current Bus Info

The information below is about the bus schedule as of November 15, 2015. They change the bus schedule every six months.

IMG_0278 IMG_0277 IMG_0276 IMG_0275 IMG_0274 IMG_0273 IMG_0272 IMG_0269 IMG_0270

Meet Mana

I’m a Japanese university student.
I’m majoring in educational development with a focus on special education.
My hobbies are dancing, drawing pictures and eating delicious foods.

Introducing the Special education Seminar


I’m majoring in educational development and I’m in the special education seminar. (Here at HUEA, students have a major and they also have a seminar “zemi” with whom they study regularly).

I think this seminar is the best seminar in H.U.E.A, because this seminar member are very kind and humorous. So we are very close friends. I’m freshman, so the juniors and seniors take care of me in the seminar.

In our seminar, we volunteer as members of the circle “RapoRapo”. Through this, we can gain experience with handicaps and disabilities. The time we spend in seminar is very interesting and valuable for me.  We play sport, do imitation class, we think about handicap etc. These are all great lessons for us.


In Hokkaido, there are very few professors who study about developmental disability. If you are interested in learning more about teaching and developmental disability, I recommend that you join this semester.


If you want to ask more, please contact me, or please come to open campus at H.U.E.A.

I’m waiting for you!!

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