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My experiences in Calgary

I’ve been to Calgary for one month with nine students as a short period of study abroad program.

I had a great time. I want to go back to Calgary. One month was too short.

About Studying in Calgary

In Calgary, we studied a lot of things at University of Calgary. For Example, English pronunciation, how to improve our English skills and Canadian culture… That university is so huge. H.U.E.A. can’t even compare with it. The teachers were great, too. They were very kind and humourous. I wanted to take more of their classes.

Also in one of an English class, we could talk with other international students. So we could make friends with people from all over the world.

We visited six schools. (two elementary schools, three junior high schools, one high school) Every time we were surprised because students(of course teachers) were free and they had many interesting, creative classes. One elementary school has very good sensory tools. Since I’m majoring in special education, I found this very interesting.

About Calgary

We visited many beautiful places and wonderful museums. Calgary has a lot of funtastic things. I’ve always been interested in dinosaurs. So Drum Heller was amazing place for me.

The people who lives in Calgary were very kind and friendly. So I never felt lonely there.

The foods was great,too. Almost all of the foods tasted good!! Calgary (Maybe all of Canada?) is a multiracial nation, so we can eat many kinds of country’s foods. Sushi is very popular in Calgary. I saw a lot of Sushi shop. But some sweets were too sweet!! (But not so bad) So if I live in Canada, I will grow fat…!!


Someday I want go to Calgary again. Not want — but rather must go back to Calgary. But I want to go in summer.

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