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Interviews with International Students: Jo-Anne

I interviewed Jo-Anne. She is from Canada, and she is a student at Calgary University. She decided to come to Japan, because she had heard many good things about Japan. Before she left for Japan, she was worried about leaving Canada, getting around the problem, and cultural differences.

When she was Sapporo, she felt homesick. But, after she came to Asahikawa, she became fine. Feeling homesick was  the hardest part of being Japan in Japan for her. And, she thinks it is important to have expectations what to do in Japan before you go.

Her main advice to people thinking about studying abroad at HUE Asahikawa is to give it a shot. She’s been recommending it to her friends. She felt the program she studied in was well-organized and the school plans were good. While here, she also enjoyed the tea ceremony and the school festival.

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