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Christmas for Japanese students

Christmas is special event for us. I get that there’s a Christian holiday and way of celebrating, but Japanese people — even ones who aren’t religious have their own style  of celebrating. I am going to explain the Japanese style below (especially the style of one Japanese student!)

First, we have school on Christmas day.  Christmas is not holiday. So after school, we hold Christmas paty with friends or go to dinner with boyfriend(or girlfriend). Like this, we usually spend Chistmas day with boyfriend (or girlfriend) or friends or alone.  Me? Of course, I have part-time job!

Second, we usually eat chicken, eat a whole cake, and drink champagne.  Cake shop make many kinds of cake. I enjoy choosing a cake every year.So the reason why Christmas is special for me is I can eat rich and delicious food that is special for this day.


Third, if we have Christmas party or have a boyfriend(or girlfriend), we exchange present. But if we don’t have these, we don’t need to prepare present. Many people don’t but I give the present to my family every year. So you don’t have to prepare gifts, but if you want to show your thankfulness to people (or to someone special), you can prepare presents.

This is how Japanese students celebrate Christmas and why they love it.I think Japanese style is not bad. Please, enjoy a Japanese Christmas with us!






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