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About the English Education Major


What we learn

・linguistics(grammar, phonetics, meaning, and history)

・literature (English literature, American literature, and literary theory)

・education(acquisition of the second language, teaching methodology, teaching materials, and evaluation)

・communication(nonverbal communication and understanding of different cultures)



・Having high level proficiencies in four English skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing)

・Getting balanced knowledge in each domain skills (linguistics, literature, education, and communication)



Characteristics of curriculum

In the English Education Major, you can learn about not only about English more generally but also gain specialized knowledge starting from the first year at university. Once you enter the university,  you also join a seminars that focuses on of these fields and is led by one of our tenured faculty.


Ishizuka Hiroki – education

Kasahara Kiwamu – education

Katagiri Noriaki – communication

Kanno Satoru – linguistics

Toshinai Yasutaka – literature

We also have a specially appointed term-limited lecturer,  Boyle Jennifer Mari.


In the English education practice class, you will learn the theoretical basis of second language acquisition. It is said that in the world the number of people who speak more than two languages in their lives is higher than the number of people who speak one language. In English language education, we  thinking about how people acquire non-native languages, both as children and adults, to learn how to better improve our own language skills and to teach others.

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