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How science classes are happening with COVID-19.

We have no traditional class in this semester because of COVID-19. And we can’t do our experiment. This is the worst point. Being of an experiment is necessary to learn science because we are able to see phenomenon. Even if we learn about one phenomenon in the textbook, this will be just knowledge about the phenomenon. We need to understand why a phenomenon happens, how it happens, what is a condition to happen, and what will happen after the phenomenon to learn science.


  1. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I understand the situation put on traditional science courses. My friend who is studying science said one of the most important parts of a science course is the laboratory hands-on work.
    I also think experiments are very important to understand the phenomenon. When I was in high school, I had a hard time understanding the phenomenon in the textbook. The pictures of experiments in the textbook and experiments I did in the class helped me understand them.
    I hope the lack of experiments won’t affect students in a science major too much.

  2. I agree with you. In my case, as science is not for me, learning phenomenon only in the textbook is so hard and impossible to get the core of it, so that an experiment helps me to get it deeply. So, I think science classes should have experiments. I hope you could do your experiment soon.

  3. Interesting, I majored in science, but I never really liked being in the lab. So if I were a science major, I’d be kind of happy to not have to perform experiments. They rarely worked out as well as the theory expected. But I guess I’d never thought about it like Sakura and Honami — the book presents abstract equations and tells you what they mean in terms that are much harder to understand than a lab setting can make them.

    Still, I think some advanced technology (like really well-made flipped lectures) could help to reduce the need to perform experiments. I’m reminded of some of the periodic videos where Brady has a thermal camera (one that can see heat) and this actually makes it easier to see what is going on than with our eyes.

  4. I totally agree with you because I cannot join the class in face-to-face and the classes I chose, like music, home economics should done in face-to-face to learn the needed skill but I couldn’t so I’m vey worried that I cannot be a good teacher.

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