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Plants and Happiness

Since COVID-19 has spread all over the world, we are not able to do many fun things such as having events and traveling to other places. In addition, we see news about COVED-19 every day, we are not able to estimate when this pandemic is going to end. Due to stressful circumstances, everyone has to wear face masks and sanitize their hands many times during the day.

To reduce this stress, I would recommend taking a walk outside to look at flowers and trees or having plants in the house. You can refresh by walking outside which produces serotonin which makes you feel happy. Green color relieves your stress. The substance in plants called phytoncide stimulates your parasympathetic nerve system which makes your brain relax as well as reduce your stress.

I have two plants in my room and I feel happy when I see them. I am a lazy person, so a cactus is the best plant for me. I have been thinking of buying a new cactus with flowers. Seeing different flowers while taking a walk is very fun.

Do you have plants? If you do, why did you buy it, or how does it make you feel? If you don’t have one, do you want to buy any plants?

Lastly, how will you enjoy your time when you take a walk outside?


  1. You are a very science major student, Honami.
    I do not have and need any plants because there are lots of plants outside in Hokkaido. In addition, I am also poor at growing plants.
    When I take a walk outside, I often enjoy seeing clouds. Clouds are so fascinating because clouds is always changing the shape though they are just a group of water drop or ice.

  2. Ms. Komashin keeps an ivy.

    Walks are great in more ways than one during COVID. Being outside (as long as you’re not walking too close with others) is a good way to get a bit of exercise, reduce stress, and reduce your risks of getting an infection from the immune system boost. They also improve cognition. And cognition is (when directed in the right way) learning.

  3. It’s been a year since this post was posted, but the COVID-19 still forces me to live a stressful life every day. I also tried to exercise to relieve stress. I take a walk and do muscle training, and I feel refreshed and very comfortable. Also I think to have plants is good idea to feel happy, so I want to have flower.

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