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How COVID-19 has affected my education

COVID-19 has had some bad effects on my education.

First, we have to take many online classes. There were many educational processes that we had to give up. I have thought that “If I took face-to-face classes, as usual, I could study more deeply” many times.

Second, I had to cancel my studying abroad plan this fall semester. I was very shocked because the big reason why I chose this university was to join the GEL and apply to the student exchange program. I was convinced that it will improve my English skills, so losing this opportunity was a big damage for me.

There are many things I used to think it was natural before the spread of infection of COVID-19. This situation makes me feel I should be grateful for them. I hope we can return to normal life.


  1. I think what you’re writing is true, but you should also think of how preparing to study abroad has helped make you a better English learner and user. It’s not at all the same and wasn’t your dream, but it’s not nothing.

    How do you think online education could be done better?

  2. I mean yeah. I was also interested in the student exchange program of GEL, and that’s one of my reasons that I entered this university. But I know you will find other reason, other interest, or other opportunity that improves your English.

  3. I guess the time you look at screen and get blue light from your laptop screen have been greatly increasing compared with face-to-face class since you took online classes. I know you (and also I) feel tired and disgust… Take care!
    I heard that you can’t study abroad in next semester, but it is more important to keep studying with your eagerness.

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