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How science classes are happening with COVID-19.

There is a science class including 12 experiments such as 中学校理科実験1. The experiment class is one of the most important science classes for becoming a science teacher. This is because the course of study at junior high school in science (中学校学習指導要領理科) sets a goal of developing the ability to explore scientifically through observation and experiment. However, as you know, students at HUEA must not go into the campus due to COVIT-19, so science major students cannot do experiments. First, the professor who is in charge of the experiment class announced that you should prepare for the experiments according to some instructions. I do not know how many people followed the instruction because we do not need to submit the preparing study… In the second announcement, the professor informed the students that as the college permitted to enter the campus so as to do experiment, this class was going to conduct only 4 experiments in July. I was surprised that the number of experiments was reduced by one-third. In short, the number of required experiments has decreased from 12 to 4. I think this causes declination of the ability to do and teach experiments for the students. What do you think about it?


  1. For an ex-science major, I know how important the experiment is so I’m sorry to hear your situation. Also, if we don’t need to submit anything I’m not sure whether I would prepare for study as well. I know this virus affects our education but still, I think we should have rights to learn what we were supposed to learn or what we should learn to be a teacher, and professors and university should, of course, support us and if they can’t, they should tell us why they can’t or they should come up with the idea instead of just cancelling the experiments. I hope the situation will get better soon.

  2. I think so too, experiment is the most important thing to learn science.
    And I think it is good solution not to do experiment in this semester.
    Professor should not decide grade only 4 experiment.

  3. The university needs to be honest. Either the 12 experiments it wanted before was too many or the 4 it is accepting now is too few. It seem wrong to adjust things just because it’s convenient. But as an employee of the university, I can see how hard it is to be expected to overwork when the university won’t compensate them for it.

    Would you prefer to be able to do experiments during the summer?

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