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My current educational experience

I started to use ICT materials in education after COVID-19, however, my high school did not often use technology in education before it. After COVID-19, we used Google Classroom and Google Meet in some classes, but not often. My high school tried to use ICT in education after the closure of a school because of COVID-19, so in the term of closure a school we did not have enough equipment and experience. Consequently, we had difficulties to make good use of it.
After I entered this university, I had more opportunities to use ICT materials in the classes, for example, we had classes via Zoom, use our laptops in the classes to make slides, answering questions such as e-learning. At first, I could not make full use of it, but I can use it better than before.
I think it is effective to learn because we can study everywhere and every time, also the class uses the movie about the content related to the class, and we can watch it whenever we want to. However, it has not only advantages but also disadvantages. There are some people who do not study by themselves, so arises a difference between people who study and not.
Therefore, I have some experience using ICT in education. I want to use it more effectively when I study at this university and after being an English teacher in the future.

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  1. I think this demonstrates a really good attitude towards learning through the experience of ICT. Unlike you I only have experience *teaching* with ICT and not as much *learning* with ICT. There are definitely some really nice things ICT can offer like the asynchronous environment you recommend, but I think it also increases as you note the need for learner autonomy.

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