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My current educational experience

I was surprised the difference between education of this university and education of my high school after entering this university. Also, I realized an advantage and a disadvantage of ICT after using ICT for study.

When I study and do assignments, I must use ICT. However, I often have trouble with my computer such as communication failure and lack of understanding of how to use. It is difficult to use ICT well, because when I was a high school student, I usually used notebooks and textbooks, and I used ICT just a little. So, I was surprised the difference between education of this university and education of my high school.

After I use ICT in class, I realized an advantage of ICT. By using ICT, asynchronous learning can be done in online classes, so ICT enable learners who cannot attend classes at particular time to learn consistently. I think it is essential for learners to match individual needs.

However, I realized a disadvantage of ICT. It is that the difference of digital divide got bigger through online class. For example, some people can use computers well, but others cannot. People who are good at using computers can lead in them, and people who are not can be at a disadvantage.

Therefore, I think it is important to use ICT for study with understanding some advantages and disadvantages of ICT. I want to try to use ICT well in order to teach with using advantages of ICT for students in the future.


  1. I think so, too. It is difficult to use ICT well. When I took the class that is information equipment and operation at this college, I feel it is very difficult to judge who can understand or not. Also, I wonder If I can’t attend a class for troubling computer systems, the instructor how do they judge it. I think it is difficult only for students but also for instructors. But we are using ICT, which means there are advantages over these problems.

  2. I agree with your opinion. i think it is difficult for me to use ICT. I was in trouble to do this assignment. I didn’t use ICT in my high school. so, I think tere are digital divice. I’m relieved that there are people like me.

  3. This is a very real problem with IT — it definitely amplifies the issues where some people can excel with remote learning and other people struggle to make their computers work at all. It’s hard to know what can be done because forces from above (MEXT) will push very strongly to use it to save money.

  4. I think so too. When I did online class, device happens problem. And I’m not sure to repair my computer. So, It is very difficult for me to use. I think many pepole are not sure how to use ICT.

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