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My name is Ayako.
I was born and raised in Kitami, so I had lived there for 19 years.
My family members are my dad, mom, my older sister and myself.

Now, I’m a student at Hokkaido University of Education, Asahikawa Campus. (Kitami is about three  hours from Asahikawa by express train). Here,  I’m majoring in Educational Development. It’s Elementary Ed. And I am also an English Ed minor.

I enrolled in HUEA in March 2015, but I took a year off last year.

Last year, I had an operation and did rehabilitation  again, that’s why I took a leave of absence for a year. So, I am studying at the university as a freshman from April 2016. I have had operations many times in my life because of I had bad hip joints by nature.


I really like movies. My favorite movies  are Dead Poets Society and Big Fish.
I can do curling and also play the saxophone.
That’s all for now!
Thank you.

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