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I’m Reina.
I am majoring in English Education here at HUEA, because my dream is to be like my high school English teacher. I’m a part of the Communication Zemi.
I’ve been taking karate lessons since I was five, and I hate losing. So I work hard to win every match that I can!
My favorite singer is YUI. Listening to her music makes me feel happy and cheers me up when I’m down. She’s strong and I want to be like her.

Meet Ayuna

I am Ayuna. I’m a student of Hokkaido University of Education in Asahikawa campus (hue.a) and I am majoring in science. I am part of the GEL program. I like to study chemistry and English.

I really like listening to music (especially American pop music).

If you are interested in huea and GEL program or just about anything , please feel free to ask me.

Meet Mana

I’m a Japanese university student.
I’m majoring in educational development with a focus on special education.
My hobbies are dancing, drawing pictures and eating delicious foods.

Meet Miki

Hi, I’m Miki. I’m majoring in English education. I want to speak English better and study in Australia.

I really like music. I spend a lot of time listening to music, playing
musical instruments, and singing songs at karaoke. I think that music can make us feel happy or sad and that it can help heal our wounds. We can share our feelings through music. Please enjoy music with me!

I look forward to meeting you.

Meet Rihoko

I am Rihoko.
I am a freshman at Hokkaido University of Education. I’m majoring in educational development, with a focus on educational psychology.


I’m in the badminton club. I like listening to music and watching TV dramas.

Meet Yusuke

I am Yusuke and I am majoring in English education at Hokkaido University of Education at the Asahikawa campus.

I’m from Iwate prefecture. It is next to Akita on the main island of Japan. Since I’m a university student, I live most of the year in Asahikawa on the island of Hokkaido now. My hobby is cooking.

Recently, I made an apple pie and it tasted good. I would like to improve my English. Also, I want to travel a lot other countries. I look forward to meeting you.

About Megurin

Megurin is the name of one of my wife’s stuffed animal flying squirrels. She  has nothing to do with the site or with Hokkaido University of Education Asahikawa, but I needed a test user.

About This Site


I am Andrew Komasinski, and I work at the university as the GEL Program Advisor. I have a PhD in philosophy from Fordham University, and I continue to publish in modern philosophy and Confucianism (link to my CV). I also produce a series of critical thinking videos on YouTube which are ESL-friendly.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the website, please feel free to comment on posts or contact us.

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