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Miki’s thought improving business communication & IT

I took business communication & IT class in second semester. Let me tell you several things about the class.

① In this class, I learned the skill of observing things objectively. Generally, people tend to see things in a prejudiced way. However,  I needed to take things I researched and describe them to others. While searching, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know.

②I skipped a topic about restaurants in Asahikawa. I was in charge of seikyou cafeteria because I didn’t know very much about bars or places to eat here in Asahikawa. So actually I didn’t really want to write about it.

③The most interesting topic I wrote was about GEL class. I like GEL classes because I can refine my English skills with joy. However, I have to use English as much as possible.

④I want to read posts about what students like because if I know more about other sudents I can get better relationship with them.

Actually, this class gave us lots of homework so it was a little bit hard, but I enjoyed a lot. So I suggest that you should take this class and improve your writing skills!



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