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How COVID-19 has affected my education.

I myself wonder how COVID-19 has affected my education. I don’t know exactly what my education without COVID-19 would be like though. But at least it changed. It changed from offline to online, which is obvious. Although it may seem obvious that there was a change, I highly doubt that this can be called a change in education. Even if it changed, I could learn what I want to. I would say learning is not a matter of situation/surroundings, but one’s will. In a sense, if one’s will to learn doesn’t change, learning doesn’t change either. Thinking this way, I have no idea how COVID-19 has affected my education, by which I mean COVID-19 hasn’t affected my education at all.


  1. I think it has caused some pretty big changes in education depending on how we define education. I think you’re saying that you have still been able to learn! Maybe we could say that the tools and form of education have changed but the content and the task of learning have not ?

  2. I think learning at face-to-face classes and online are different because the amount of assignments are different. Also, teachers can’t receive students’ attitude. When I did mock lesson online, I was really confused because I was not sure whether they understood or not.

  3. I think there are some difference between online classes and face-to-face classes, but if you don’t feel any difficulty, that’s very nice and I envy you.(^_^)

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