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My current education experience

I have five classes that are all in English now. It is said that English classes in high school should be all in English, but it is too difficult for students to keep up with the classes. Actually, teachers know that, so all English classes in my high school are mostly in Japanese. However, because I entered this university, I have to have some classes in all English. I noticed that if you want to improve your English skills, especially speaking skills, surroundings like that are necessary for English learners. Therefore, You should expose yourself to unfamiliar surroundings, like classes in all English classes, to improve your English skills.


  1. I agree with you. When you struggle to understand and speak English, your skills improve. However, we are interested in English but many high school students are not so we need some ideas to encourage students to study English.

  2. I agree with you. I have noticed my speaking skill is improving gradually through the GEL classes, all English. And I wonder why the current English education especially focuses on reading and listening.

  3. English classes should primarily be in English; doing them in Japanese because students find them difficult just slows the ability of students to learn. Should PE classes be mostly done in the classroom by reading?

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