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my education experience

We have zoom class online now. It’s useful becuase we can attend class at home. However, it has some bad points too. one of them is we have less opportunity to ask questions. When we are in a breakout room, we cannot chat anyone but people who are in the same breakout room. It’s difficult to make sure what we do. I hope I have all classes in a face-to-face style.


  1. As for your idea, I think some classes, which teachers only talk and students only listen, are not necessary in face-to-face style. It is because if we have all classes like that, the possibilities of getting COVID-19 can rise. I think we need to avoid getting COVID-19, so all classes should not be in face-to-face style, I think.

  2. I agree with the idea because I also think that it is difficult for us to talk with a person whose face cannot be identified. Since your reason, a face-to-face style is wanted by both students and teachers. However, in this COVID-19 situation, I find it difficult have all classes in that style. Therefore, I consider some ingenuities to improve the quality of online classes.

  3. I agree with you. In a breakout room, we sometimes can’t have a decent conversation because of voice or internet troubles. And the option that we ask the teacher something is only Direct Message. Therefore, I think zoom is inferior to face-to-face classes in that it is difficult to interact with others. I miss the fact that face-to-face classes had been everyday.

  4. I think your worries are understandable. At least for me though, it’s helpful because my wife might need medical treatments that make it dangerous for me to teach in class…

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