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My Current Education Experience

It has been almost a year after I started to study about education system of Japan and the method of taking care of children. Last year, I did learned about those methods from textbooks, lectures by professors and lots of assignments. And this year, I joined the activity for elementary school students as a volunteer for the first time. There was a big difference between my knowledge and real children. From this experience, I learned studying in real field not only with textbooks and getting opportunities to communicate with children are very important as well.


  1. I also think that we have to learn about many things about the content which relates to children through communicating with them. However, it is very useless for leaners to study in real fields without any knowledge about that fields. Therefore, I think it was great that you joined the activity after learned about the content.

  2. Your post has me think that you do want to be a teacher. I think you are so amazing because you expose yourself to an environment which let you grow up. After I read your post, I come to think I want to do everything in order to be a great English teacher.

  3. I agree with you. In my seminar, mock classes are the main , but even so, I have heard that it is not similar to an actual educational setting. I would also like to give classes to actual students.

  4. I myself know very little about school settings, but I’m also not teaching education-focused classes. I would think you need to encounter children to have any benefit from learning theories about children.

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