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My education experience

My favorite teacher in my high school tought us ethics. And he has realized that his class does not always work for all students, so he keeps in mind to show his students several studying approaches in a class. For example, he sometimes introduced us to an educational Youtuber, who improved our level of understanding. Actually, I came to interested in ethics through Youtube, so I think everyone has their own way of studying.


  1. I have a similar experience! I think it is more important to teach how to study or learn than to give knowledge through classes. Actually, since I met a teacher like your favorite teacher, I could get higher scores on tests. So, I believe school should take some classes that teachers teach how to study or learn.

  2. That’s interesting. I like that your instructors (both for Miyu and Keijyu) used additional resources to make the material accessible.

    I also love ethics, but perhaps it’s my bias as an expert but I haven’t found many resources I thought were of good quality that are accessible to high school level students.

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