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My current education experience

What I have felt about education since I entered this university is the difference from high school in content. Until high school, I only learned what my teacher taught me and prepared for tests. However, this kind of study is not often seen in this university. I have to ask questions by myself and look for books and papers in order to solve them. I think high school should adopt a little bit of university-like study to lessen the gap between high schools and universities.


  1. I totally agree with your idea! Actually, I think the same thing. The style of study in university is difficult for freshmen like us because there is no answer unlike high school. And I suggest high school take classes like the style of university too. Students need to learn, not to study, a lot of things which have no answer because how to use knowledge is more important than before.

  2. High school and college classes are very different, so some people may achieve good results in each environment differently. I think that proactive, interactive, and deep learning works better in college, so college learning style may solve learning difference between high school and college.

  3. I think that’s the point of changing from high school to university. In high school, there are correct answers, your instructors have them, and your task is to absorb and repeat. Now, in university, you’re supposed to be developing your own theories and ideas — basically picking from the marketplace of ideas and finding your place in it.

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