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My education experience

 When I was high school student, I felt wonder about difference between two teachers.
 One of them was so serious and he made classroom newsletter everyday. In this article, He told us how important study is.
However, no one read. No one wanted to answer his enthusiasm. In spite of responds seriously to students’ comments and insights in his class.
 The Other was rarely create opportunity to respond to student’s comments and insights in his class. He almost use video class so his class is one-sided.
However, everyone in his class adored him. In the rare blackboard class, everyone was serious to learn the lesson from what he was teaching.
 They are both serious about teaching and they are rich in knowledge. What made the difference in their trust in their students? I thought that it may be caused by ability to choose the best way to use educational resources or to attention to student.
 Attention to others is important, as is the case of casual response in everyday life.
what we do in our daily lives is really visible.
In this case, better communication with the student could have produced the intended results.
 However, building good communication is difficult because we are dealing with large number of human beings.
Since this experience I’ve still been struggling with what the best education is. How would you answer this question?


  1. That’s an interesting pair of cases. One instructor put lots of work into teaching and caring for his students but it didn’t matter; the other did not put as much effort into generating classes but had a bigger impact. In such cases, people in education often refer to rapport — as the ability to connect with students. Great lessons only matter if people trust you enough to learn from them. At the same time, grabbing people’s attention for poor lessons doesn’t mean they learn — even if they like you.

  2. The former teacher you said is great because I can understand his enthusiasm, but if I were a student in his class, I probably could not keep up with his enthusiasm. However, if I were a student in the other teacher’s class, I could be bored and would not listen his classes. So, I think what is important in classes is to take a balance. For example, the former teacher doesn’t have to make classroom newsletter everyday. One classroom newsletter per week or month is enough. And the latter should sometimes put an activity, such as discussion and debate, per one class.
    Thank you for your interesting topic.

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