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Why studying abroad is important for you?

Published on June 24th, 2016 | by Reina

I think it is important for students to study abroad. When you think of studying abroad, you might imagine doing a lot of sight seeing or to learning to speak English fluently or to making new friends or to meeting that special person. When I think about studying abroad, there are two reasons I think this is the most important experience a student can have.

First, studying abroad will provide many opportunities to talk with native speakers. In Japan, most Japanese speakers don`t have many opportunities to use English or other languages, so they often don’t speak English or other languages fluently.. Abroad, they can hear correct pronunciation and correct how to pronounce.

Second, studying abroad will help students who go learn many cultural differences between Japan and the country they go to. By experiencing the other culture directly, they will learn about its beliefs and practices, so they can gain a wider and more global perspective.

These two reasons are why I think it is great experience and important thing.

I want to go abroad myself, and I hope many students also get the chance to study abroad and learn many things.

The challengings of studying abroad

Published on June 24th, 2016 | by Ayako


Are you interested in studying abroad? And if you are interested in studying abroad, what is it meaning for you? I maintain that studying abroad is a challenge.

I am going to give three reasons why I think it is so.

First, when studying abroad, I can acquire some skills to solve the various problems. Since studying abroad happens outside of Japan, I am sure I will face many problems. Problems like language gaps that cause misunderstanding, cultural differences, and trouble getting used to the food or the environment.

The second reason I think studying abroad is a challenge is that it would be worthwhile for me and in my life, when it has done. I would gain many experiences and learn many differences or similarities between the country I study in and Japan through a studying abroad. This is something I can only do when outside Japan.

Third and finally, studying abroad would make me stronger than before when I am in Japan. It would help me grow. This means the result of a challenge.

There are many difficulties while you were studying abroad. So you had to resolve many problems on your own, you had to have precious experiences and learn about the country. Then you came through the difficulty stronger than before. For these reasons, I claim that studying abroad is a challenge.

My experiences in Calgary

Published on April 1st, 2016 | by Mana

I’ve been to Calgary for one month with nine students as a short period of study abroad program.

I had a great time. I want to go back to Calgary. One month was too short.

About Studying in Calgary

In Calgary, we studied a lot of things at University of Calgary. For Example, English pronunciation, how to improve our English skills and Canadian culture… That university is so huge. H.U.E.A. can’t even compare with it. The teachers were great, too. They were very kind and humourous. I wanted to take more of their classes.

Also in one of an English class, we could talk with other international students. So we could make friends with people from all over the world.

We visited six schools. (two elementary schools, three junior high schools, one high school) Every time we were surprised because students(of course teachers) were free and they had many interesting, creative classes. One elementary school has very good sensory tools. Since I’m majoring in special education, I found this very interesting.

About Calgary

We visited many beautiful places and wonderful museums. Calgary has a lot of funtastic things. I’ve always been interested in dinosaurs. So Drum Heller was amazing place for me.

The people who lives in Calgary were very kind and friendly. So I never felt lonely there.

The foods was great,too. Almost all of the foods tasted good!! Calgary (Maybe all of Canada?) is a multiracial nation, so we can eat many kinds of country’s foods. Sushi is very popular in Calgary. I saw a lot of Sushi shop. But some sweets were too sweet!! (But not so bad) So if I live in Canada, I will grow fat…!!


Someday I want go to Calgary again. Not want — but rather must go back to Calgary. But I want to go in summer.

Interviews with International Students: Jo-Anne

Published on March 9th, 2016 | by Rihoko

I interviewed Jo-Anne. She is from Canada, and she is a student at Calgary University. She decided to come to Japan, because she had heard many good things about Japan. Before she left for Japan, she was worried about leaving Canada, getting around the problem, and cultural differences.

When she was Sapporo, she felt homesick. But, after she came to Asahikawa, she became fine. Feeling homesick was  the hardest part of being Japan in Japan for her. And, she thinks it is important to have expectations what to do in Japan before you go.

Her main advice to people thinking about studying abroad at HUE Asahikawa is to give it a shot. She’s been recommending it to her friends. She felt the program she studied in was well-organized and the school plans were good. While here, she also enjoyed the tea ceremony and the school festival.

Interview with Alan from Taipei

Published on December 15th, 2015 | by Yusuke

In this post, I interviewed Alan, a junior, who came to Japan from Taipei City University.  I asked him the following questions:

  1. Have you ever been abroad? Where did you go?
  2. Why did you decide to go abroad and why did you choose Japan or America?
  3. Did you have surprising or interesting experiences during the program and what?
  4. How did you learn English or Japanese before having go abroad?
  5. What are different points about classes from you’re your university?
  6. Did anything happen to you before and after having go abroad?
  7. Can you give any advice for students who want to go abroad I the future.

Alan told me, “I went to Japan when I was a senior high school student because that was also an exchange program but it wasn’t as formal as short-time overseas program I did in October, 2015. I found that Japanese are kind and friendly. Also, the food here is really tasty. I saw a funny teacher in his class and hid teaching style is what I want to emulate. I have learned English since I was a primary school student. I just know a little Japanese and the reason why I want to learn Japanese is that love Japan lol. In Japan, I think teachers won’t lecture all the time and they give time for students to express their thoughts. However, in Taiwan some teachers will keep lecturing without giving sometime for students to convey their thoughts. I think I know more about culture from going abroad like Japan. It’s always a nice try if you want to go abroad. Be nice, brave and hard working.”

Both guys told me that going abroad is a good opportunities to learn English and about other cultures. I think we can make good friends from other countries, and we will never forget that wonderful time. Why don’t you dive into the world with us at HUE?

Interviewing Ryo who went to Illinois

Published on December 15th, 2015 | by Yusuke

In this post, I interviewed Ryo Ito, who was then a junior at HUEA. He has studied abroad in the US, Canada, and Russia.  He has also been to Laos.

I asked them these questions.

  1. Have you ever gone abroad and where?
  2. Why did you decide to go abroad and why did you choose Japan or America?
  3. Did you have surprising or interesting experiences during the program and what?
  4. How did you learn English or Japanese before having go abroad?
  5. What are different points about classes from you’re your university?
  6. Did anything happen to you before and after having go abroad?
  7. Can you give any advice for students who want to go abroad I the future


Ryo answered “I was really interested in going abroad. However, I had never go abroad before I entered HUE but after I entered the university, I had many opportunities to go abroad, so I applied for the short-term study abroad program. I chose Canada because I hoped to study English and experience other culture. I was very surprised that American people talked with people more closely than Japanese do and Canadian were very kind. I studied English from podcasts and word lists before going abroad and my host family corrected my diary everyday. In Japanese classes, students raise their hands and ask questions to the professor but in American classes, students don’t raise their hands. They ask questions and tell their comments any time. American classes adapted the conversational format. After the program, I became more interested in English and I want to do something with English in my future career. The experience is the most memorable and exciting activity in my life so I hope that many people will apply for this program and make your life more wonderful.”

Both guys told me that going abroad is a good opportunities to learn English and about other cultures. I think we can make good friends from other countries, and we will never forget that wonderful time. Why don’t you dive into the world with us at HUE?

Asahikawa Weather

Published on December 11th, 2015 | by Ayuna

In Asahikawa, it’s hot in summer and very cold in winter.

The temperature range is about 50℃ degrees. We have a lot of snow in January and February. We can ski and skate. Asahikawa winter festival is held in February every year. There is a big snow sculpture and a long slide made from snow and there are many beautiful ice sculptures(ライトアップされた) near the station during Asahikawa winter festival. In Asahiyama zoo, we can see penguins walk on snow only in winter. Because the four seasons are vivid here, the scenery is beautiful.

About the buses to and from H.U.E.A.

Published on December 4th, 2015 | by Mana

This time I am writing about the buses that can take you to and from campus. I know a lot about this because I ride buses to and from school every day. (yaaaay = it’s not always run riding the bus every day).

About the Bus System

In Asahikawa we have two kinds of buses, because there are two bus companies.

The one is “Asahikawa Denkikido Bus(旭川電気軌道バス)” (we usually say “ASADEN(あさでん)”)

The other  is “Dohoku Bus(道北バス)”. Neither has a good website in English.

There’s way more ASADEN buses, so I am only going to explain how to use ASADEN.

Using Buses Near Campus

There are two main bus stops near H.U.E.A.’s campus.

First , there is the Hokumon-chou 9-choume(北門町9丁目) bus stop is near education building. At this stop, we can catch the ASADEN #23 and #24 buses.

Second, there is the Asahimachi 2-jou 10-tyoume(旭町2条10丁目) bus stop just north of campus. This is near L-building. At this stop, we can catch the ASADEN #5, #6, and #14 buses.

Taking buses in Asahikawa can be a little complicated. Moreover, Asahikawa has many snow and roads are freeze in winter.

So often buses arrive 5-10 or more minutes behind schedule in the winter.

How to get on and off the bus

First , we have to take the numbered ticket (seiri-ken).  You can find  this right side when you get on the bus.(If you have MARUPASS(マルパス)or ASAKA(アサカ), you don’t have to take the number ticket. You just touch your card on the machine.)

Second, when  you want to get off next bus stop, you have to push the purple switch to ask the bus driver to stop the bus.

Third, When you get off the bus, you have to pay the fare. The fare is showed on electric bulletin board.  You have to put the number ticket and then the money into the box.(If you have MARUPASS or ASAKA, you don’t need to pay money. you just touch your card on the machine. )


Current Bus Info

The information below is about the bus schedule as of November 15, 2015. They change the bus schedule every six months.

IMG_0278 IMG_0277 IMG_0276 IMG_0275 IMG_0274 IMG_0273 IMG_0272 IMG_0269 IMG_0270

HUE’s International Partners

Published on November 27th, 2015 | by Yusuke

Sending Students Overseas

At HUE, we have three types of  International exchange programs: short-term study abroad, long-term student exchange, and long-term language school. Using this, students from HUE can go  to many places in the world to learn  other languages and about other cultures.

Through the programs at Hokkaido University of education (HUE), a lot of students rediscover Japanese cultures and acquire the ability of speaking, listening, writing, reading in other languages. In addition, you can have wonderful experiences which widen your global vision and your ideas of cross-cultural understanding.

Accepting of Students from Overseas

Especially, HUE has rich study abroad arrangements with with Harbin Normal University and Illinois State University. These universities are located in sister cities to Asahikawa.

In total, 16 students came from abroad as exchange students to study at the Asahikawa campus in 2014. Every time new exchange students come to HUE, we always hold a welcome party and play icebreaker games in English. Attending this party gives exchange students and regular students  at HUEA the chance to make friends.  While at HUEA, exchange students take classes to understand Japanese culture and society, and promote exchange with the students of HUE.

HUE Global Education Leadership Program

In 2015, we started the Global education Leadership Program (GEL). This program helps you for preparation before going abroad.In the GEL program, students work hard on learning English. For example, you can learn English through classes like Presentation and Teaching Methodologies for English-mediated Instruction.. Also, the program advisor, Dr. Andrew Komasinski, will give you useful advices. You can join GEL program even if you are not an English major.


Overseas Partner University

There are many partner Universities all over the world. You can study Korean, Russian, Chinese even German if you decide to go these countries.  Language skills you learn and friends you meet will become properties of your career and they will make your life more wonderful.

List of Partners

CountryUniversity NameDate Exchange Agreement was Made
RussiaNovosibirsk State University named after Vitus BeringDecember, 1998
KyrgyzBishkek Humanities UniversityApril, 2003
ZambiaThe University of ZambiaAugust, 2005
EgyptCairo UniversityOctober, 1999
United KingdomSchool of Oriental and Africa Studies, University of LondonJanuary 1988
NorwayUniversity of BergenApril, 2003
FinlandSibelius AcademyMay, 1995
FinlandUniversity of OuluApril, 2008
AustraliaUniversity of Technology, Sydney November, 1993
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityFebruary, 1995
AustraliaGriffith UniversityApril, 2001
ChinaShenyang Normal UniversityJuly, 1988
ChinaHarbin Normal UniversityJuly, 1988
ChinaShandong Teacher's UniversitySeptember, 1992
ChinaUniversity of Hong KongApril, 1999
ChinaSichuan UniversityMarch, 2000
ChinaTianjin Foreign Studies UniversityOctober, 2015
ChinaLiaoning UniversityMarch, 2015
ChinaDalian Ocean University
April, 2015
VietnamHue UniversitySeptember, 2009
CanadaUniversity of Calgary February, 1990
CanadaSimon Fraser University
April, 2000
CanadaSaint Mary’s University January, 1990
USAUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks July, 1989
USAUniversity of Alaska Anchorage June, 2006
USAIllinois State UniversityOctober, 1995
USAThe University of Massachusetts AmherstFebruary, 2010
USASouthern Utah UniversityMay, 2013
USASimmons College August, 2013
KoreaThe College of Education of Pusan National UniversityJanuary, 2007
KoreaSeoul National University of Education June, 2009
KoreaJeonju National University of Education June, 2010
KoreaBusan National University of Education June, 2010
KoreaHansung UniversityMarch, 2011
TaiwanUniversity of Taipei December, 2012
GermanyUniversity of Music WuerzburgJune, 2014



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