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Interviewing Ryo who went to Illinois

In this post, I interviewed Ryo Ito, who was then a junior at HUEA. He has studied abroad in the US, Canada, and Russia.  He has also been to Laos.

I asked them these questions.

  1. Have you ever gone abroad and where?
  2. Why did you decide to go abroad and why did you choose Japan or America?
  3. Did you have surprising or interesting experiences during the program and what?
  4. How did you learn English or Japanese before having go abroad?
  5. What are different points about classes from you’re your university?
  6. Did anything happen to you before and after having go abroad?
  7. Can you give any advice for students who want to go abroad I the future


Ryo answered “I was really interested in going abroad. However, I had never go abroad before I entered HUE but after I entered the university, I had many opportunities to go abroad, so I applied for the short-term study abroad program. I chose Canada because I hoped to study English and experience other culture. I was very surprised that American people talked with people more closely than Japanese do and Canadian were very kind. I studied English from podcasts and word lists before going abroad and my host family corrected my diary everyday. In Japanese classes, students raise their hands and ask questions to the professor but in American classes, students don’t raise their hands. They ask questions and tell their comments any time. American classes adapted the conversational format. After the program, I became more interested in English and I want to do something with English in my future career. The experience is the most memorable and exciting activity in my life so I hope that many people will apply for this program and make your life more wonderful.”

Both guys told me that going abroad is a good opportunities to learn English and about other cultures. I think we can make good friends from other countries, and we will never forget that wonderful time. Why don’t you dive into the world with us at HUE?

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