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Interview with Alan from Taipei

In this post, I interviewed Alan, a junior, who came to Japan from Taipei City University.  I asked him the following questions:

  1. Have you ever been abroad? Where did you go?
  2. Why did you decide to go abroad and why did you choose Japan or America?
  3. Did you have surprising or interesting experiences during the program and what?
  4. How did you learn English or Japanese before having go abroad?
  5. What are different points about classes from you’re your university?
  6. Did anything happen to you before and after having go abroad?
  7. Can you give any advice for students who want to go abroad I the future.

Alan told me, “I went to Japan when I was a senior high school student because that was also an exchange program but it wasn’t as formal as short-time overseas program I did in October, 2015. I found that Japanese are kind and friendly. Also, the food here is really tasty. I saw a funny teacher in his class and hid teaching style is what I want to emulate. I have learned English since I was a primary school student. I just know a little Japanese and the reason why I want to learn Japanese is that love Japan lol. In Japan, I think teachers won’t lecture all the time and they give time for students to express their thoughts. However, in Taiwan some teachers will keep lecturing without giving sometime for students to convey their thoughts. I think I know more about culture from going abroad like Japan. It’s always a nice try if you want to go abroad. Be nice, brave and hard working.”

Both guys told me that going abroad is a good opportunities to learn English and about other cultures. I think we can make good friends from other countries, and we will never forget that wonderful time. Why don’t you dive into the world with us at HUE?

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