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Why studying abroad is important for you?

I think it is important for students to study abroad. When you think of studying abroad, you might imagine doing a lot of sight seeing or to learning to speak English fluently or to making new friends or to meeting that special person. When I think about studying abroad, there are two reasons I think this is the most important experience a student can have.

First, studying abroad will provide many opportunities to talk with native speakers. In Japan, most Japanese speakers don`t have many opportunities to use English or other languages, so they often don’t speak English or other languages fluently.. Abroad, they can hear correct pronunciation and correct how to pronounce.

Second, studying abroad will help students who go learn many cultural differences between Japan and the country they go to. By experiencing the other culture directly, they will learn about its beliefs and practices, so they can gain a wider and more global perspective.

These two reasons are why I think it is great experience and important thing.

I want to go abroad myself, and I hope many students also get the chance to study abroad and learn many things.

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