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Studying abroad is exciting!

I think studying abroad is exciting. For a girl from Kushiro, it will be a big step to go to a big city somewhere else.  So, I’ll tell you two reasons.

First, we can understand another language through studying abroad. We are university students, so we often study English. But we don’t have enough hands-on experience to speak English with foreign people. So, I think that a lot of students should consider to study abroad.

Also we can understand foreign culture though studying abroad. Of course, Japanese traditional culture is very nice. For example, foods, festival, buildings, life… and so on. But if we go abroad for study, we would encounter a different culture. We might end up getting used to foreign culture. However, this is part of how we learn to understand the lives of people in other cultures.

I will conclude by repeating that studying abroad is exciting. When we live in Japan, we often think that foreign countries sounds scary. But we won’t find out the truth unless we try.

So, let’s think of studying abroad!

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