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The challengings of studying abroad


Are you interested in studying abroad? And if you are interested in studying abroad, what is it meaning for you? I maintain that studying abroad is a challenge.

I am going to give three reasons why I think it is so.

First, when studying abroad, I can acquire some skills to solve the various problems. Since studying abroad happens outside of Japan, I am sure I will face many problems. Problems like language gaps that cause misunderstanding, cultural differences, and trouble getting used to the food or the environment.

The second reason I think studying abroad is a challenge is that it would be worthwhile for me and in my life, when it has done. I would gain many experiences and learn many differences or similarities between the country I study in and Japan through a studying abroad. This is something I can only do when outside Japan.

Third and finally, studying abroad would make me stronger than before when I am in Japan. It would help me grow. This means the result of a challenge.

There are many difficulties while you were studying abroad. So you had to resolve many problems on your own, you had to have precious experiences and learn about the country. Then you came through the difficulty stronger than before. For these reasons, I claim that studying abroad is a challenge.

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