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The Challenging of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is challenging.

First, we will have difficulty in communicating with others in a different language. We can’t be understood without speaking fluently. And we will find that we don’t have enough vocabulary. So it is hard for us to tell someone what we want to say.

Second, in the school, the teacher will speak in the local language the entire time. The teacher may use jargon in the class and we must answer a lot of question. To answer the questions which we get in the class, we need much time. So we have to reserve time in our schedules to study the homework, review, and be ready for questions.

Third, there are many differences between our culture and other culture. Japanese students are often described as being passive whereas students in other countries are more active. In classrooms abroad, students have a lot of opportunity to explain our opinion or ask some questions to the teacher in the class. This is challenging for someone who comes from a Japanese background.

For these three reasons, I think studying abroad will be challenging.

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