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The challenges of studying abroad

I think studying abroad is challenging. While I look forward to it, I know that it will be hard – maybe the hardest thing in my life.


First, I have never been abroad, but studying English and many other things has already made me struggle. While I’m sure that studying abroad will be fun, before you get to study abroad, you must study A LOT .


In addition, when you are Japanese, you can’t use mother tongue in most others places, so you have to study another language to communicate with people at all. This is a very hard task that is necessary for people who are eager to study abroad.


Despite this, I think it is worth doing. But through it you can come in touch with foreign culture which is different from your country. Moreover, also you can exchange your opinions with people from other countries about anything, so you can learn many things from their opinions. This is the most important and good point of studying abroad I think. From these points, I claim that studying abroad is challenging.

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