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Studying abroad is valuable.

There are some reasons what I think.  For example, “improving the language of your native country”, “communication with people from other countries”, “understanding diverse cultures” and “comparative research on educational systems”.


Here, I want to focus on the idea of culture.  I claim that studying abroad can help understand other cultures.  I think this is valuable because there are many different things between my own Japanese culture and other cultures. For instance, very few Japanese people understand religion or think it is important to their lives, but abroad, religion is an important part of people’s lives and cultures. If you don’t know about this, you will do rude things and say and do things that make them feel uncomfortable.

 There are also many differences in people’s daily lives.  If I go abroad or if someone comes from abroad to Japan, they can experience first hand both traditional culture and the amount of cultural difference that exists through the world. By having intercultural experience, you will prevent this problem if you understand difference between Japan and foreign countries.


In conclusion, it is important to understand the distinctiveness of each country.  So we should study abroad so we can have these valuable experiences.

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