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10 Fun Things to Do in Asahikawa

Some people say there is not much to do in Asahikawa, but we think they’re wrong! We found 10 places in just 10 minutes:

  1. Visit the Asahiyama Zoo. Tourists trek to it from other countries.
  2. Eat ramen (梅光軒、青葉). Asahikawa is famous throughout Japan for its ramen!
  3. Eat soft serve (called ソフトクリーム). Hokkaido is renowned for its dairy products, and you can find exclusive flavors such as haskap (a blue, oval-shaped berry).
  4. Visit the airport.  You can find Asahikawa and Hokkaido specialties like omiyage, yuru-chara collectibles, onsen bath salts, corn-flavored Pretz, etc. Visit the gelato store near the airport too!
  5. Snow Museum (雪の美術館). Ice corridor, exhibits, concerts, art gallery.
  6. Take a stroll along the riverline (石狩川公園).
  7. Asahiyama Snow Village (旭山・雪の村). Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snow bananas, snow rafting, sledding, tubing, snow plow rides
  8. Hang out at the Asahikawa Station area (ice festival in spring, beer festival in summer, restaurants, shops, market, game center, movie theatre, etc.)
  9. Asahikawa City Museum (旭川市博物館)
  10. Asahikawa Science Center (旭川市科学館「サイパル」). Observatory, planetarium, science exhibits.

For more ideas and events, check out Asahikawa International Center‘s monthly Asahikawa INFO newsletter and Asanavi.

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