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Dr. K’s Office

If you’re part of the GEL program or visiting HUEA an international student, you should stop by my office. There’s several good things that can happen when you visit my office:

  • First off, I often have little treats lying around, and if you’re a good student or stop by unexpectedly I may offer you something to welcome you into my office.
  • There’s an electric kettle so I can make piping hot tea, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider.
  • I tend to have one or two board games in my office at any given time (right now Carcassonne and Dixit). We play sitting on the comfortable couch.
  • There’s Japanese-language manga lying around (HUNTERxHUNTER, Full Metal Alchemist, etc.).
  • There’s a world map where you can mark where you’re from or where you studied abroad.

There’s a good chance that I will be in my office. Sometimes, we do class in my office. Other times, I am in here researching or coding. My research is primarily in philosophy in either late modern philosophy (Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard) or early Confucianism. Somehow, I’ve also done a decent bit work on philosophy and childhood. More recently, I’ve also done a little bit of work more related to my work in CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning).

If you are visiting our campus, please stop on by.



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