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Top 10 Places to Eat near Campus

  1. Katoya (加藤屋) – ramen
  2. Tsutamori (つたもり) – hot pot, sashimi, tempura, donburi
  3. Umamiya (うまみ屋) – izakaya; students often eat here with their zemi because it’s near to campus and quite cheap (now out of business – hopefully the students can give another suggestion!)
  4. Hisoka (緋甦霞) – izakaya
  5. Okushiba Shoten (奥芝商店) – soup curry
  6. Ganbi
  7. Étude – bakery
  8. Suriya – authentic Nepalese curry
  9. Hamazushi (はま寿司)- conveyor belt sushi
  10. Gusto (ガスト) – family restaurant with bottomless beverages

But don’t overlook the school cafeteria (学食, where you can get a filling meal for about 300 yen) and the Seikyou (生協) convenience store on campus.

I am looking forward to the summaries from our students about these places to eat! I haven’t been to several of them.

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