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Ayuna’s thoughts on business communication & IT

①What skills did you learn?

I think that my writing skills improved by taking this class. I actually didn’t like to write essays or opinions in English, but by writing this blog, I could write my opinion in English.

②What parts could we have skipped?

I have written a blog before, so I didn’t need an explanation about blogs and how they work.

③What posts were most interesting to write?

Writing about my part-time job was most interesting for me. I wanted to tell the readers the importance of working, so that post was interesting. And it was very interesting to know how other members of GEL think about part-time job.

④What sort of posts would you want to read?

I want to read about America.



My new year’s day

I think that the day before new year’s day (大晦日) and new year’s day (正月) are the most important days in the year. On 大晦日, I ate osechi (おせち) while watching TV program.


Almost all japanese people watch gakitsuka(がきつか) or kouhakuutagassen(紅白歌合戦) Both TV programs are very popular.



Many people eat toshikoshi soba(年越しそば) , but I don’t.



On shougatsu (正月), the Japanese name for new years day, children are given otoshidama(お年玉). Otoshidama is a gift of money from their parents and grandparents.  They really look forward to getting otoshidama because they can use the money to buy video games and toys. I didn’t think I would get otoshidama, because I am a university student now. I was so surprised (and happy) that my grandparents still gave it to me! (It was also a lot of money ). So I bought clothes with it. This is how I spent my 正月 (shougatsu = New Years), I think that most people spent 正月 with their families.


Hamazushi is a kaiten zushi (kaiten = conveyor belt ; zushi = sushi). It has sushi from 90 yen per plate. On the weekend, the prices start at 100 yen per plate.

It’s a great place to go with your friends.

There are 194 seats: there are table seats that can seat up to six, and 14 counter seats. You can always get a counter seat without waiting, but you’re going to be facing the sushi conveyer belt. Because 6 people can sit in one table, I usually go there with my family.


昼:12:00〜14:30(オーダーストップ 14:00)
夜:17:00〜22:00(オーダーストップ 21:00)
Closed:Every Tuesday
We can go there for lunch or dinner. My personal recommendation is to get the one coin lunch because we can eat various set meals for a mere 500yen. They have eat tempura, sashimi and sushi at dinner time.

One of the things I like about is that we can take off our shoes (like we do in our homes) and relax. On the first floor it is tatami private room and on the second floor it is tatami big room which can seat more than  ten people.

My family’s Christmas

I usually spend the day before Christmas Day with my family. In Japan, the day before Christmas Day is more important than Christmas Day so my family have Christmas party on December 24th every year. I heard that foreign people usually spend Christmas day with their family but Japanese people tend to spend with their boyfriend or girlfriend and some people spend with their friends. My family always eat chicken (but unlike many Japanese people it’s not fried chicken!) and Santa gives us presents which we wanted, and finally eat cake at home. Elementary schools and junior high schools and high schools are closed.

My sister and brother’s school is winter vacation from December 24th to middle of January but HUE.A is not still winter vacation. This year, we will eat at the restaurant where I work. I can’t wait!!

Asahikawa Weather

In Asahikawa, it’s hot in summer and very cold in winter.

The temperature range is about 50℃ degrees. We have a lot of snow in January and February. We can ski and skate. Asahikawa winter festival is held in February every year. There is a big snow sculpture and a long slide made from snow and there are many beautiful ice sculptures(ライトアップされた) near the station during Asahikawa winter festival. In Asahiyama zoo, we can see penguins walk on snow only in winter. Because the four seasons are vivid here, the scenery is beautiful.

Meet Ayuna

I am Ayuna. I’m a student of Hokkaido University of Education in Asahikawa campus (hue.a) and I am majoring in science. I am part of the GEL program. I like to study chemistry and English.

I really like listening to music (especially American pop music).

If you are interested in huea and GEL program or just about anything , please feel free to ask me.

About the Science Major

I would like to explain my major, science. In the science major, there are 11 seminars (a seminar is a group that meets with a professor and focuses on a single specialization): three science education seminars, two chemistry seminars, two biology seminars, two physics seminars and two geology seminars.

Unlike in some other majors at HUEA where students join their seminar in the first semester, in the science major, we rotate through all seminars, so you can choose a seminar you like. At the end of the first year, we pick a seminar. We spend a year thinking about which seminar we want to join.

There are a lot of classes. For example, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, thermodynamics. I think it is hard to earn a passing grade in many of the classes.

 I am looking forward studying with you!
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