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My new year’s day

I think that the day before new year’s day (大晦日) and new year’s day (正月) are the most important days in the year. On 大晦日, I ate osechi (おせち) while watching TV program.


Almost all japanese people watch gakitsuka(がきつか) or kouhakuutagassen(紅白歌合戦) Both TV programs are very popular.



Many people eat toshikoshi soba(年越しそば) , but I don’t.



On shougatsu (正月), the Japanese name for new years day, children are given otoshidama(お年玉). Otoshidama is a gift of money from their parents and grandparents.  They really look forward to getting otoshidama because they can use the money to buy video games and toys. I didn’t think I would get otoshidama, because I am a university student now. I was so surprised (and happy) that my grandparents still gave it to me! (It was also a lot of money ). So I bought clothes with it. This is how I spent my 正月 (shougatsu = New Years), I think that most people spent 正月 with their families.

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